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How likely is it that I'm pregnant?

This is kind of a silly question because I've read about the chances and the timing and the things that can interfere, but I'm still keen to know what others think!

So last night my husband and I removed all the barriers for the first time. My period tracker tells me I happen to be right in my fertile window, with my predicted ovulation day happening today (my periods are fairly regular - always between 25-27 days). I do have fibroids and one of them is pretty big, though I don't recall what kind. I've been pregnant before while trying to actively avoid my fertile window (note: I have no idea if I had fibroids at that time). I'm 30 and in pretty good health.

What do you think are the chances that I could be pregnant on the very first try? I feel like it would be very unlikely! 
How was your first ever attempt? Did you take the possibility of succeeding straight away seriously?

Also, I feel that while the possibility is there that I could be pregnant (or will shortly be pregnant depending on when I actually ovulate), I shouldn't drink at all. We are not desperately trying to conceive ASAP so we've not really thought about this, but I guess this is what TTCers do? Just drink when they get their period?

I'd appreciate your thoughts!

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Re: How likely is it that I'm pregnant?

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  • Thanks for responding! I checked out the post for newbies and realized I already broke the rules by asking a question like this :$

    We're not desperately trying to TTC so I'm not planning on seriously predicting ovulation at this point, just seeing what happens, so I guess I'll do just that and then start using some of the tools later on down the line. I'll also check out some of the other topics, though I'm hoping there's a post that explains all the abbreviations, because everything seems like a foreign language right now!

    Thank you also for answering the drinking question. It seems I have yet more reading up to do!
  • It's helpful to hear about your experiences, Bigboobsmcgee. As for having my ass handed to me, eesh! Makes me scared to post!
  • @ForeverGradStudent - Lot's of ladies use temping just to learn about cycles.  You don't necessarily  have to use it strictly for baby-making.  You will learn a lot about your cycles and it will help you to understand what's going on once you do decide to actively try.  I think it decreases stress too, because you know when your period is expected so you won't stress about being "late".  You period is never late, if it comes later than you expect, that means you ovulated later than you thought.  

    For example, in 3 weeks if you have no positive test and no AF, you are going to panic thinking something is wrong.  However, you probably just O'd later than your "app" told you would and would stress and waste money on tests.  
  • It's helpful to hear about your experiences, Bigboobsmcgee. As for having my ass handed to me, eesh! Makes me scared to post!

    Not trying to scare you ;) There is just a very clear set of...expectations if you will on that board and too many people come on there expecting others to look into their uterus and tell them what's going on. It's pretty annoying!
  • It's still roughly just a 20% chance every month
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  • They say there is a 20% chance each month for a healthy woman who had ovulated with no fertility issues
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