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New I'd like to introduce myself.

I'm 35 years old, DH 32, one DS 2. We have been TTC 18 months. We wanted a big family and new time was against us since I was already 32 when we got married so we started right away. It took nine agonizing months to get pregnant with DS, then we had a pretty uneventful pregnancy ending with our beautiful child. I figured everything was good to go since we did conceive eventually. When  DS turned 6 months we started trying again after 15 months of zero luck I finally went to see what was going on. Diagnosed with lean PCOS two rounds of Lotrazole and one round of injectibles later with 3 BFN. They say I'm young and healthy and obviously can make a baby so I have a great chance of success. Problem is I expected it to work the first time and now I'm moving on to try #4. I'm feel defeated and isolated. My DH is amazing but is a fixer so he wants to fix me instead of just allow me to be sad. So now I don't want to show him any emotion because I know it's hard on him too. We live on the opposite coast of our support group r/t to his job and even if they were around my friends are all getting pregnant easily, and if I hear the women in my family say how easy it was for them one more time I might explode. So here I am isolating myself more and more trying to wrap my head around maybe I only get to do it once. I hope someone can relate. Thanks

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  • Welcome @wendyp28 You are def not alone.  I had a very easy time getting pregnant with my son and figured I would have no problems the next time either.  After 8 months we finally got a BFP but it ended in miscarriage at 7 weeks so I finally went to an RE and got diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve.  I was 32 at the time (33 now) and couldn't believe it.  I also am so sick and tired of seeing everyone getting pregnant with no issues what so ever with baby #1, 2, 3, even 4.  It's just not fair but remember you aren't alone and try to keep your head up as much as possible that it will happen for you again!
  • Welcome!  My story is similar to Rachlee although I am a bit older (now 37)... it is very difficult to be here, but you are among others who understand your feelings.  Just try to remain optimistic and stay strong.  I hope your stay here is short!
  • Thanks for the support ladies. I just found out do to timing issues I'm going to have to take a month off which is a bummer but hopefully I'll be able to relax. GL to you
  • Good luck! In the same PCOS boat, and want the big family too!
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