Refusing the breast

My LO is 3 months and I just went back to work last Wednesday. This weekend he's been super fussy at the Breast during the day...he seems fine at night and for the first feeding in the morning as of now. Any suggestions? Anyone go through something similar? TIA
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Re: Refusing the breast

  • My daughter did the same thing when I went back to work. She wouldn't nurse when I was home after work or on days off. I felt like a dairy cow at times, pumping to have my mom give her a bottle so she would eat. They are all about routine and unfortunately, you have to do what works at that moment, especially with breastfeeding. Another idea, have you changed anything in your diet that he might not like?

    If its just the new routine that he's used to, it was just temporary in my situation, maybe a couple weeks max. If he's not nursing as much, you might have to pump more to keep up your supply until he starts nursing again.
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