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Switch to one nap

My daughter will be 1 on Friday and was moved about a week ago to the 1 year old room at her daycare where I was told that day they only took1 nap at 12:00. My daughter was taking two a day at 10 and 2 and needs those two naps. She has been so tired as we try to adjust her and has gone from waking up at 6:45-7 to 5:30. Is this just a hard adjustment or are we forcing one nap on her and it's not what she needs?

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  • I have no experience with daycare, but DS is going to be 1 in a week and he still takes 2 naps a day (sometimes I will even throw in a 3rd cat nap if he wakes too early from nap 2 and is getting tired way before bedtime). I cannot imagine him going to 1 nap any time soon, he definitely needs at least 2 and I think most babies this age do. From what I've read, their maximum wake time is between 3-4 hours at this age, and DS falls right in line with that, starting to show sleepy signs around the 3-3.5 hour mark. Can you insist to the daycare facility that she continues to get 2 a day until she's ready to drop one?
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  • It's way too early to drop to one if your baby isn't showing signs.
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