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back pain

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I have been so glum lately. 32 weeks and just now expirencing aches and pains. I'm lucky in a sense. I have a little less than 8 weeks! Anyone else feeling like crap but more than happy to do it for their precious babe?

Re: back pain

  • For many women feeling like crap pretty much comes with the territory at this stage. Any aches or pains I feel pale in comparison to the love I feel for my baby so I just get on with things as best I can. Hope you feel better soon.

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  • I know its all worth it. I'm so excited for her to be here. Crazy how much I love her already!
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  • Ah, I remember being totally ok with the aches and pains with DS1. 

    This time, though, I'm just annoyed that my body hates me this much. It's not like DS2 is causing it, so being annoyed is completely and utterly reasonable. 
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