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Best formula to prevent upset tummy/spitting up ?

I tried nestlea but it's causing a lot of puking :(

Re: Best formula to prevent upset tummy/spitting up ?

  • Try slower flowing nipples.
  • I agree with first trying slower nipples and burping a couple of times in the middle of feedings (instead of waiting until bottle is gone before burping). We had to use Similac Alimentum, only because we would feed her a 4oz bottle and she would spit up a good 2+oz of it, had a upset tummy, and reflex meds weren't working. Through trial and error, we discovered she had a milk protein intolerance (we discovered at 2 months old, and she still has an intolerance to this day, and she is 4 years old). After a week on Similac Alimentum, she was like a completely different baby. But I would try that as a last resort, as it could be something much more simple....and Similac Alimentum is spendy!
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  • I would check with your pediatrician and/or use a more gentle formula. Burp every two ounces. What brand does your hospital use? I would start and go from there. 
  • After several months and 4 other formulas we ended up with Enfamil gentlease, the relief to my daughter was almost immediate. I'm expecting  #2 in a couple weeks ans we're just going to start her on it from the get go.
  • I switched my LO to Enfamil gentlease after trying Gerber then Similac. He was having a lot of spit up and runny diapers. Both have significantly increased since using the Enfamil. Best decision ever.

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