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Normal clothes after c-section

C-section mommas, is anyone back in regular underwear or pants that aren't yoga/sweat/pj pants? I tried on my normal jeans with a belly band, and my incision hurt. I also tried on my maternity jeans, but they have a seam right over my incision. I don't want to buy new clothes. I'm about 5 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight and have a little pooch that pops out above the incision.

As much a I love my giant granny panties and the same yoga pants that I wear for weeks at a time, I'm ready to look slightly less like a mess when I leave the house. Anyone else there or ready to be there?

Re: Normal clothes after c-section

  • I didn't have a c-section. Both my babies have been vaginal births but I still had to get new clothes after each. I gained so much after my first. This time I'm back down to my prepregnancy weight but my body shape hanged enough nothing from before fits right.

    Once I got new clothes I just felt so much better. It's hard to spend the money thinking you'll lose more but I think it's worth it to be comfortable and feel better about how you look.
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    Hi I had a c section 5 weeks ago and I am back to my normal underwear but not pants.

    My bleeding considerably lessened after week 2 so I started wearing my normal thongs as I already had thong panty liners. Which by the way I still wear daily since Im still spotting (ugh!) At first it was a little strange as I could feel the top of the underwear touch the incision site but not painful at all.

    As far as pants. I wore my smallest maternity pants for my 2 week follow up and I felt like such a cow! I looked like a 4 month pregnant woman and hated it. Luckily my DW had smaller jeans she didnt wear ( 2 sized bigger than my pre pregnancy pants) and they fit very comfortably therefore I didnt have have to buy new ones. I can now zip and button my old jeans (yay!) But they are very snug. I want to lose a good 10 lbs before I transition completely. Ive lost all but 1 lb that I gained pregnant but like you have this little pooch that im dying to have clearance to exercise to get rid of.

    If I were you id buy 1 pair of jeans one or two sizes bigger that you can wear in the mean time. It makes a world of a difference to feel "human" again.
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  • I had a c section a month ago tomorrow and I'm down to my pre pregnancy weight but none of my pants fit at all and only a few of my shirts. I had no idea that my body would change so much that none of my clothes fit. :(
  • 7 weeks out, up 10 lbs still. Nothing fits right, so I went out and bought 2 new pairs of jeans (a size up) and a few shirts and am glad I did. Feel much better and have less anxiety when I go out! Also have the pouch, my ass is now flat and boobs are huge!!! :/
  • I'm 6 weeks pp and I'm in the same boat. I'm almost back to my pre pregnancy weight but things have shifted. My shirts don't seem long enough all of the sudden and even though I was able to put a pair of my jeans on this morning, I had to take them off after an hour because my incision was starting to hurt. I love my yoga pants, but I'm ready to not wear comfy pants and maternity jeans all the time.
  • 3 weeks pp and I am wearing my biggest maternity jeans, but even my medium size fit alright. Also back in normal undies, they rest on the incision but it's not so bad.

    Where is everyone's incision? I'm surprised how low mine is.
  • My belly felt super weird because of nerve damage, still does actually, so I wore my compression band under any piece of clothing that would touch that area of my stomach. That's the only way I could wear jeans until pretty recently. I just flipped the band of my underwear so they stayed below the incision. Now at almost 7 weeks PP I'm back in normal clothes.

    @Court11152325 my incision is at my bikini line. It's pretty low which is standard from what I understand.
  • I am not into my pre prego jeans yet but I can wear all my other clothes. I am almost 5 weeks post delivery. I hate my belly pouch ugh. Can't wait to hit the gym when I get cleared at my 6 week check! Also my incision is about bikini line as well, maybe a little lower. They used the old one from my previous cs.


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  • 6 weeks pp almost and my incision doesn't hurt anymore but when I "overdo" it it will start to feel sore. I am back to normal undies but wearing a compression undergarment feels awesome and it kind of protects the scar a bit. I have like a hard muscle shelf on the top part of mine, my doc said to massage it every day and that hurts more than wearing undies. 
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  • Thanks for the replies, everyone! I guess I'll suck it up and at least buy a new pair of jeans to start. My clothes still fit okay, the pants are just so darn uncomfortable with the incision.

    Old Navy had $30 jeans when I looked yesterday, if anyone else is looking to mpt spend much on clothes (because, you know, new babies).

    @Court11152325 mine is at my bikini line. I was also surprised by how low it is.
  • I'm 3w PP and had a vaginal delivery. I'm still wearing sweat/yoga pants and granny panties lol. I second the advice of compression garments.
  • I'm 4 weeks pp and my incision doesn't hurt constantly but from time to time it's sore. Kudos to you ladies for wanting to wear regular clothes lol I'm still wearing comfy clothes/pjs due to the fact that I feel like I'm constantly nursing..
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    I'm 6 weeks pp, up 10 lbs from pre-preg wt and still struggling with pain. I too am getting sick of wearing yoga pants all the time...I already feel lazy enough being limited in what I can do around the house without hurting or overdoing it!!!. I've tried wearing my full-panel maternity pants but while they seem comfy after a while the compression bothers my pooch. I also tried wearing the bella pregnancy band from target with reg jeans which was fine for about an hour or two before belly hurt. I bought a cloth belly band (the 'free' one online) that ended up being slightly too big for me when I was first pregnant which I was able to wear with my biggest pair of jeans..but only for a few hours. I've come to wear this if I leave the house for a short time. I am to the point I feel like something is wrong for how bad my belly hurts still but have a doc appt today. Once my stomach doesn't hurt I probably will suck it up and get some bigger jeans a little cheaper from somewhere like Kohls or JCP to hold me over until I can feel good enough to do hard workouts and lose the extra weight. Shirts other than old cotton tees are all too snug so I plan to go to Target this week and buy some plain colored long sleeve cotton shirts I can wear with scarves, under puffy vests this winter, etc., and a few short-sleeve or tanks that are solid as well to wear under open/cardigan sweaters. I want anything I buy to be as multipurpose as possible! I hope everyone starts feeling better soon. I didn't realize how terrible and long c-section recovery could be.
  • I'm 3 wks pp & 7 lbs away from my pre-preg weight. I'm back in normal tops but sticking with leggings mostly bc my jeans don't feel good against my scar. Also avoiding underwear lol
    I should add my normal style is pretty flowy so it's not like my tops are form-fitting.
  • I'm almost 3 weeks out and 35 lbs above pre-pregnancy weight. That's after losing 25 lbs. It'll take me a while to lose it. I'm wearing pregnancy pants and jeans. I've been wearing regular underwear, but ones that go up over the scar. I can't stand when anything is touching it or if they roll down and get to where the scar is. I already have a belly pooch from DD, so that isn't new for me. The scar is right under that.


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  • Just want to update almost 8 weeks after C section, I am back to my old jeans! Pouch hasn't fully left so I'm thinking that will require actually exercise, lol. For now there is hope.
  • I'm 9 weeks PP and noticed the bigger jeans I bought to wear until I fit in my old ones (or gave new clothes lol) were a little loose in the butt and belly. I haven't had time to go exercise, because who knew infants needed so much attention? But glad to see I'm getting getting somewhat back to normal.
  • I haven't tried on any of my pre pregnancy jeans and am still wearing maternity pants. I was 154 ish before, got up to 196 and am now 174. Might as well just get rid of my old pants :(
  • I haven't tried on any of my pre pregnancy jeans and am still wearing maternity pants. I was 154 ish before, got up to 196 and am now 174. Might as well just get rid of my old pants :(

    @BrookeBrown2015 don't give up! You have plenty of time. There is no rush.
  • I haven't tried on any of my pre pregnancy jeans and am still wearing maternity pants. I was 154 ish before, got up to 196 and am now 174. Might as well just get rid of my old pants :(

    Be kind to yourself! It took 9 months to put the weight on, give yourself time to lose it. Make healthy choices and remember they are for you and LO!
  • I haven't tried on any of my pre pregnancy jeans and am still wearing maternity pants. I was 154 ish before, got up to 196 and am now 174. Might as well just get rid of my old pants :(

    Hold on to them for a little bit. Your body just made, grew and birthed another human being. Cut it some slack ;)
  • I am impressed with all of you that are down to pre prego weight! And pretty jealous too. I gained about 45 lb, have lost almost 30 now 4 weeks post partum and have 15 more to go. I have started exercising so hoping with that and breast feeding I'll see it come off fairly quickly!
  • I gained closer to 60 lbs and have lost half that. Not BFing and boobs are still huge so I can't wear my regular shirts. I never reached my pre-preg weight after DD. I was 15 lbs above it when I got pregnant again. Even that weight was 15 lbs above my normal weight. Ideally, I've got another 60 lbs to lose to get back to my normal. 


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  • 3w PP and still rocking yoga pants, and am down to pre-preg weight. It's mainly the incision that's uncomfortable if there's a seam on it, and I still have a little fluid around it even though my belly is flat. I rock my maternity jeans if I want to wear jesns

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