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Need help with feeding problems

   I'm a FTM and recently my son who is 6 weeks old starts crying his heart out while feeding this week. I'm currently bottle feeding with breastmilk and supplementing with formula. Previously, he would wakes up crying right away due to hunger and when my husband and I give him the bottle, he would stop crying and starts drinking. However at this 6 weeks mark, he wakes up crying right away as normal. but now when we give him the bottle, he would take the bottle for 10 seconds most and then start strongly resisting by pushing it out, crying with tears coming out, screaming, kicking, etc. for at least 5 minutes until he can cries no more (out of energy or something).  When he does this, we would pull the bottle away so that we can soothe him and that he can caIm down. However, when he does calm down, we tried away and the kicking, screaming, crying, etc starts all over again. t's just so painful at every feeding since it takes about 30 something minutes of watching him fights with us before he can drink 1 oz. 

I know every child is different but was just wondering if any other moms out there have the same experience as I'm going thru. If yes, is this just a phase or will it be like this forever? Also, any suggestions/advice from other moms out there who has success in dealing with this would greatly be appreciated. Thanks

Re: Need help with feeding problems

  • Have you tried different types of bottles?
  • yes, we've tried different type of bottle, different nipple too and the result is the same. 
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  • Bottle/nursing strike maybe. Walking around or swaying(movement) while feeding may help or even music- distraction may be in your favor. Likewise a bottle that simulates breastfeeding- we prefer the munchkin latch. You also might want to go back to basics and you leave the room or even house for a bit and have someone else attempt a bottle. Past that, there's different ways to feed a baby past a bottle, cups,tubes, even a spoon if needed- research those options if all else fails. Good luck!
  • Have you talked to the Pedi about this? I usually don't want to jump to the reflux diagnosis but maybe the eating is painful? Any other odd behaviors with eating? Excessive spit up?

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