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Baby photos

Are you ladies planning on printing off baby pictures and putting into a 'traditional' photo album, or using an online version to make into a photo book? I've taken nearly 600 pictures already since my baby was born 12 weeks ago! (Can you tell I'm a FTM?) lol I don't want them to stay on my phone/computer like every other picture I take in my life.

Any great companies you've used for the photo book?

Re: Baby photos

  • I decided on a memory book for the first year that has a lot of space for pictures. Personally I think the memory book is the better choice for the first year because it helps you make sure to include all the little firsts and milestones and guides you to write in blurbs about baby each month. Our plan is for all subsequent years to do a photo book.

    Just works best for us.
  • I'm SO glad you posted this. I hadn't even really thought of it until I read your post ... Needless to stay I started on a few hard cover photo books from shutterfly ... I really love their products and it's really easy to create stuff ! :)
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  • I was gifted a baby book of firsts that goes up to the first day of school. So I've been filling that in. But I also have way too many pictures. I've been making prints just to flip through and to give to grandmas. I also made a photo book on Shutterfly when it was on sale at after Christmas. I did a soft cover one. It wasn't too expensive. I'm thinking of doing one of those every year. It was really easy and super cute. ;)
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  • Theres also an app called Groovebook that creates 100 print photo books from your phone. Its a cheap monthly subscription and you get them every month :)
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