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Meal planning help/apps

Does anyone use any apps to plan their meals for the week? And where to save recipes? I find recipes online and I am constantly taking screenshots of them then they sit in my photos and I lose them hahaa

Any reccomendations for getting more organized would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! :)

Re: Meal planning help/apps

  • I've been looking for an app as well. So far I haven't found one I like. I love finding recipes online, Facebook, pinterest, ect. So my recipes are all over the place. I would just suggest that if you find them online that you bookmark them instead of taking pictures. That way they don't get lost in between all the other pictures.
  • Yumly is good for saving recipes
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  • I found one :) paprika .. You can save recipes, make a grocery list & meal plan. It's great!
  • I just look up recipes on pinterest and once I make them and find I like them, I add it to my recipe book! I love using my crock pot because I can prep the meal the night before or early in the morning and just let it cook. That way, I don't have to worry about getting dinner done by a certain time! 
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