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Uncomfortable mom!


I haven't been on this site for a long time, I hope everyone is doing well!

My DD just turned 4 in December and has been potty trained since she was about 19 months. She's had maybe a few pee accidents over the years from waiting to long to go but never poop. I just received a message from the preschool director advising that she had a #2 accident. Now, I know your thinking no biggie right? Well the reason it concerns me is #1 this has never happened and #2 she started this preschool at the beginning of October but she still cries at drop offs.

The crying at drop off has been bothering me, not to mention her teacher told me she doesn't talk at all. I don't know what's going on! When I pick her up she's smiling and being her normal self, we go over her full day on the way home and everything. She literally talks my head off all day long so I can't understand why she's silent all day. I've asked her about it and she says "because I'm shy" :/

Anyway...Am I overreacting? I know accidents happen but I guess that set me off because of everything else.

Any advice or help will be great. Thanks for reading!
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Re: Uncomfortable mom!

  • Did she go to a different daycare/school before?

    Change is hard for kids so I wouldn't freak out too much. Is there anyway you (or a family member she's comfortable with) could take a day to spend at school with her?
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