Help! Breastfeeding twins around the clock

I have 5 week old twin boys. I am tandem breastfeeding and we use formula to supplement. I would say at the most they get 5 oz a day of formula. The issue is they are hungry almost every hour. Sometimes they will go 2-3 hours but usual its ever hour. They are both gaining weight which i am very happy about but I just dont understand. Sometimes they feed on me for 30 -45 mins and then just cry bc they are still hungry. They latch my breasts get softer so i k ow they eat but even then when we supplement with hour later they are hungry. Anyone else experience this...I juat get so frustrated and if it keeps up like this i will have to stop breastfeeding since I will be going back to work. I dont even get time to pump since they are constantly at my breast. Any advice or stories would help. Thank you.

Re: Help! Breastfeeding twins around the clock

  • Kudos to you! I can't imagine breastfeeding twins, one is hard enough! I'm wondering if they are starting the 6 week growth spurt? That was a tough few days, my daughter was nursing all day long. Usually growth spurts only last a few days. Good luck and get as much rest as you can!
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