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Third Trimester

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What's the general consensus?  Is the third tri at the beginning of 27 weeks or 28 weeks?  I've read both, but 28 seems to be a bit more common.  (You'd think I'd remember this being a STM.)

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Re: Third Trimester

  • My book says it's 28-end, so start of 28, but who knows? I hit 28 on Saturday though, so I'm pretty much counting 2016 as third trimester :)
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  • I've seen 26 weeks +6 days, 27 weeks, 28 weeks, and 29 weeks. I personally think it should just be two-thirds done with 40 weeks.


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  • Ha I just asked this on the Wednesday ticker change board as a bunch of the ladies there are right at 27. I've also heard both answers and think either is legit. Technically at 27 weeks you are officially 6 months in and 2/3 done but 28 weeks does seem the most accepted answer on medical boards.
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  • I've heard 28 weeks, which I have three more weeks to go before I hit the "home stretch!" I'm excited, but I'm also happy I still have time because I haven't done anything to set up the baby area.
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  • I'm counting 27 as the start of the third tri. plus the hot flashes have already begun and I've got 2 days left so yea. lol
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  • I am going with week 27 based on an pregnancy calendar that I used at the beginning of pregnancy. Either way it goes I am currently 27 + 4 so I'm saying third trimester.

    Me- 25,DH-28


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  • Great post!  Was just looking this up today--glad I'm not the only one with this question.
  • With DS, I was told 28. I've always considered it that, although math says that 27 makes more sense.
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    I can't believe we are already talking 3rd tri! I feel like I have been pregnant forever...but yet it still feels like maybe a month ago I got my BFP.
  • I am at 25 weeks currently, but so uncomfortable I am telling people I have early onset 3rd trimester ;)
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  • I've always counted 28wks as third trimester, which is Sunday for me.

    Which means I have 8-11wks left roughly. Which also causes mild anxiety as we have literally done nothing to prepare for baby for the most part. I mea with have all the big stuff since this is #3. Just need clothes and diapers.
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