Breastfed baby fussy after bottle

I just went back to work and my LO is home with my MIL and is now getting two-three bottles while I am away.  I have left her approx. 15-17oz in the fridge for each day. We have followed the normal range of ounces per bottle found on (1-1 1/2 oz per hour).  He is currently 20 lbs at 4 months old (he was born 9 lbs 7 oz). He is currently getting 4oz in each bottle and is fed on demand (hence the 2-3 feedings a day).  However, after each bottle is finished he freaks out crying...he does get over it but is fussy. Am I feeding him enough? I have read to let the baby determine when he is done, but it is normally in the context of not overfeeding and forcing him to finish the bottle. My LO doesn't have that issue...its more of a he wants more fussy? or is it something else? Any thoughts or experiences with other moms out there with this?

Re: Breastfed baby fussy after bottle

  • I would think if he's still fussing offer more and if he takes it then give it to him, if he doesn't or takes it and spits up he is full and something else is needed. He may miss the being on the boob and soothing.
  • Is he gassy from sucking in air?
    Does he need to suck more for comfort after finishing his feeding?
    Does he drink the bottle so fast it takes time for him to resize hrs full? Kellymom has great resources about pacing.

    Also: 20 pounds. Wow. I thought my 24 pound 10 month old was a giant.
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  • Mine is 4 months as well, and she takes 6-8 oz every 3 hours or so when I'm not home. I believe the Johns Hopkins chart says 6-7 oz per feeding 5-6 times per day. So I'd try to up it until he is done. My daughter pushes the nipple out when she's finished.
  • @longliveregina yes 20lbs! He is in the 98th percentile on height, head circumference and weight! ha we aren't sure what happened there :) but he is healthy! I am also concerned he may not be getting enough because he hasn't pooped in 4 days now :( we have our 4 month appointment today so I may see what the pediatrician says.  The paced feeding I have tried to instill in my mother in law who is currently watching him for this month.. she switches him on his side like I do for nursing and burps in between to give him some breathing moments so hes not just sucking down like crazy.  I am definitely pumping more than what he is currently eating.. I am constantly having like 8-10 ounces more each day... which is a lot I would think. I told my MIL today that if he cries at the end offer a little more and see what he does..

  • Just to update I asked his pediatrician and (she has been for on demand feeding since day one with me) she said to give him more when he fusses... continue the on demand feeding. She recommended placing bags with daycare that have one ounce in them at a time so as not to waste any milk and let them slowly add more as needed.. its not every time he cries.. sometimes he takes himself off the bottle before its done so he is the boss :)
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