Book recommendations?

Hi there I'm just wondering if any of you ladies have any recommendations on books for pumping and breastfeeding? I'm a ftm and none of my friends or relatives breastfed any of there children so I'm pretty much alone on this and want to be as well prepared as I can be and have some idea what I'm doing!

Re: Book recommendations?

  • I read the "Nursing Mother's Companion" while I was pregnant with DS but frankly it wasn't an amazing book that prevented me from ever having questions once he was born. That being said, something is better than nothing! I did learn a lot from the book and it helped prepare me for cluster feeding, sore nipples, proper latch, when to seek help, etc.

    My recommendation is to read anything and everything you can get your hands on. If you buy a book, this is a good one, but there are limitless resources on the internet. That is really where I got the bulk of my support and information. is invaluable. Unfortunately the site is not always user friendly and often has dead links BUT it is truly a great source of information.

    Also, if you are a facebook user, join a local breastfeeding support group. I belong to my local group as well as a working moms breastfeeding group. I would not have made it to 12+ months (and counting!) of breastfeeding without those resources.

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  • Hi! I'm a STM but didn't nurse my first and am planning on nursing this one. My insurance sent me "The Nursing Mothers Companion" and it had lots of great information in it. I've read the entire thing, but am also keeping it handy for reference when baby gets here.
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  • Thank you ladies! 
  • I liked the womanly art of breastfeeding. It is certainly lame in the way it presents things and had a clear agenda BUT the practical advice it had was way useful. I also liked dr Sears breastfeeding book. And I second the recommendation to check out kellymom.
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  • I read "the womanly art of breastfeeding " and found it very helpful. It is a little over the top in the La Leche League beliefs like bed sharing, and baby led weaning, and kinda makes you feel guilty if you are going back to work or only want to breastfeed for a few months. It was still very informative and I honestly don't think I would have made it past 3 weeks if I didn't read it.
  • Does your hospital offer a breastfeeding class? Definitely take it!!!! I was glad to take it and meet the LC prior to my hospital stay.
  • @longliveregina I haven't heard of the dr sues one I will look into it!
    @NurseRieger I actually have the book it was just very pushy with there own agenda that I was getting a little frustrated! But if the information is worth it in will keep reading!

    Also the Kelly mom site is amazing! Thank you ladies!
  • @valerie1132 yes they do I plan on taking it around April since I'm not due until June that way I can hopefully remember more of the class because the whole pregnancy brain thing is killing me lately lol
  • I skimmed over a lot of that stuff, attachment parenting isn't for us. I still found a lot of it helpful. My LO did self wean at 4 1/2 months and I chose not to continue pumping for a few reasons and I feel good about all I was able to do for that time.
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