Babies: 9 - 12 Months

The Poops

Hi there!

My son is a few weeks off turning one and he has caught a gastro virus - we are on day four and the runny nappies are still coming strong.

I did have him at the doctor on Day two and the doctor said to keep him hydrated but that's about all I can do but at what point do I take him back if the runny poop nappies doesn't stop? Physically he's okay and taking bottles but there is about 7-8 of these nappies a day and no sign of it stopping..


Re: The Poops

  • Is he peeing? Lack of urine is a sure sign of dehydration and you need to call the Pedi ASAP. I'd probably call the Pedi anyways just to be safe. Diarrhea lasting too long can be dangerous.
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