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Favorite (healthy) non-perishable snacks?

Having trouble coming up with some new snacks to send to daycare. We are in a rut of Cheerios, Puffs, raisins, and graham crackers. Any other non-perishable, healthier suggestions? Thanks!

Re: Favorite (healthy) non-perishable snacks?

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    Both of my kids love applesauce pouches, Annie's granola bars, peanut butter crackers, bananas, goldfish. I also buy some of the snacks by the brand Plum. I find a lot to choose from at Target.

  • All of those are great options! (Except daughter hates applesauce for some reason. Weirdo. )
    Daughter also loves Fig Bars (Costco has a kind that's whole grain and has three different fruit flavors), snapea crisps, muffins, teddy/bunny grahms, apples, lots of different crackers (there are a lot of different whole grain options out there), and nutrigrain bars.
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  • Little Duck Organics makes tiny fruits and tiny yogurts.. happy baby makes little creamies.. pouches are great..
  • Fruit cups are a great snack and last for quite awhile. My daughter (17 months) love them! peaches, mandarins, and pears are her favorites! Pouches are good, too. Try reusable, DIY pouches to keep costs down.
  • Nuts (if that's allowed). My kiddos love cashews, pistachios, regular peanuts and pecans. Yogurt covered raisins/craisins, kashi cereals (I like them because some have a lower sugar content), dehydrated fruits, pretzels...
  • My daughter chokes on goldfish. (She turned blue once). I would be nervous to send those to daycare. 
  • My daughter chokes on goldfish. (She turned blue once). I would be nervous to send those to daycare. 

    They make half sized baby goldfish now :). They're way safer for little tykes. They melt in their mouths pretty quickly. We use them in our church nursery with no issues.

  • Freeze-dried bananas and strawberries, granola bars, and fruit or veggie pouches.
  • Both kids love granola bars, but they have a lot of sugar or honey in them, so you have to be careful. Peanut butter toast is great.
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