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Pumping at Work - Supply

Is anyone else who has returned to work recently not getting as much milk while pumping as they expected to? I've pumped twice so far today (first day back) and have only gotten 8 oz TOTAL. I'm so disappointed. LO is drinking about 5 oz per feeding, so I'm worried my pumping won't be able to keep up with him. Luckily I only work in the office three days a week and am home the other days. I am just so scared I won't be able to continue with breastmilk only if I'm not able to pump what he needs.

Re: Pumping at Work - Supply

  • Have you tried looking at a photo or video of your LO while pumping? You should also look into how to do manual breast compressions while you pump to get as much milk out as possible. I've also heard pumping several minutes past when you stop getting milk can help increase supply by tricking your breasts into thinking there is more demand.
  • Unfortunately it is common for your supply to drop from pumping at work. Sometimes the pump is not efficient enough or whatever other reasons. I used to pump 12 oz a day from 3 pumps and now I'm lucky if I get 6. :( hopefully the fact that you only have to do it 3 days a week will help. You might want to try adding an extra pump session either at work or at home.
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  • I go back on Wednesday and I have this worry. I herd to bring a blanket that smells of your LO to help with your letdown. I have a contingency plan of supplementing a feed with formula since I only pump out 3oz on average and DS will take a 4oz bottle of pumped milk. Thanks for posting this, I will keep my eye on it for advice.
  • Try power pumping. I EP, but my supply has been much lower with DD from the start than it ever was with DS. I ordered MilkMakers cookies and saw a slight increase, but after power pumping, I making about 5oz each session now instead of just 3oz.
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