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My daughter is 8 months old and has started trying to wean herself from nursing. I work full time and usually pump 3 times every 2-3 hours at work for 20-25 minutes. I only have been able to pump about 3oz per session. And by the end of the day only leave work with 8-9oz. I'm trying to maintain/build my supply. But since she's trying to wean I'm only able to get her to nurse once or twice a day with me and am pumping when she's not wanting to nurse. I've either had to supplement with organic formula or baby foods (pears & apples) when she doesn't nurse. I would like to not have to pump so often and only pump every 3-4 hours, or 4-5 hours. But am worried about my supply going down even further to the point that I can't give her as much breast milk as I'd like until she's at least 12mo. I also have to have enough milk to freezer store for when I leave town on business conferences over 1 weekend every 3-4 mo. HELP???

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  • There is a breastfeeding board on here that might be more helpful. Lots of threads on increasing supply. Might also be worth talking with a local lactation consultant, who can provide more custom/personalized advice.
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