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BRU in-store registry party worth it?

Anyone ever been to a babies r us registry party in the store? I just got an email about it and I was just curious if it's worth it. I'll probably go anyway just to check it out, but just wondering if anyone's been what they thought about it. We already have the registry done but seems like they may do some explaining on products and demonstrations which seems helpful since we're first timers, and seems like they're doing some freebies or raffle give aways which is enticing lol.

Re: BRU in-store registry party worth it?

  • I got the email for that this morning as well.  I'll be following this post for other's opinions.
  • I've been to a few BRU 'events' and at almost every one there has been a raffle and giveaways. the best part for me personally was getting to listen to the other soon to be moms, similar to this community, about their thoughts and experiences. thought it was worth an hour and it was free. :)
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  • I went to the party thing. Wasn't super informative but the raffle was worth it. They gave everyone another registry goody bag even if you already got one. They even gave the husbands the same goody back too, so we left the party with 2 of them. Our goody bags had flyers, a coupon for $5 off a $25 purchase, a coupon for a babyganics set, a detergent sample, a white onesie, a pacifier and a bottle. Everyone, including husbands/partners, put their name in for the raffle, and they gave away a set of avent bottles, a baby care kit that had stuff like nail clippers, a comb and a baby tooth brush and stuff, a swaddling sack thing (which I won that one), a big box of huggies, a diaper cake from I think babyganics or some brand like that, a "mystery" gift bag that was small and they didn't say what was in it, and a diaper genie diaper pail. So definitely some decent prizes. Then they just discussed some different products and played some games.
  • Seems like you had a great experience. Our BRU is terrible. The events are never organized. This one didn't start on time because they were late setting up. Our "gift bags" only contained a coupon, binky, and some Babyganics sample of sunscreen. All the other marerials in there was advertisements for registering with them. The girls running the event then lost the raffle tickets the first 10 mins in and we had to do that all over again then they gave extra tickets to some girl who had five kids with her. Only all the other moms got one ticket a piece, no spouses even got tickets then at the end they put out some bottles to try and that same girl let her kids all grab a free bottle but then there were none left for the rest of us. I just wanted to get info on some of the products, gear, etc out there but they didn't even talk about anything. Needless to say won't be doing that again. Sorry rant over
  • Wow that's awful! I would definitely be unhappy with that experience too! The two girls that did this event definitely weren't enthusiastic and didn't look like they wanted to do it. but the info on the probudcts they read was at least a little informative and the raffle went well. Yeah I was hesitant to go since my goody bag from BRU when I went in to the store to start the registry had nothing but product flyers in it so it was just advertisements in a bag - definitely not a "gift." Which whatever, if they don't want to give out a gift then that's fine, I was irritated that I went to the store to do the registry to get the bag and it was nothing. But I was happy with the event. Sounds like it all just depends on your area store and what associates happen to do the event. I thought about doing their breastfeeding class, but after the party I'm guessing the people running the event won't be any more enthusiastic about doing it, plus if have to take off work to go, so I just sprang for the $25 to take the class at my hospital.
  • The one I went to was nice. They gave us a goody bag, did a bunch of raffle drawings, offered demos throughout the store. H and I do not like help from sales people. We often go to stores knowing what we want and why we want it and we both hate being escorted around a store, so that part wasn't appealing (in fact, we refused it). But they had a ton of registry consultants walking around with people if that is what you want.

    Ours lasted from 8-11am- I saw no need to get there at 8 (or, for that matter, stay the whole time) but it was nice for the hour we spent there.

    They also had coffee and free shoulder massages if that is your thing.
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