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Formula struggles...

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So I haven't been making enough milk and have had to use formula from time to time.
My question is, is it bad to switch the types of formula? I use Enfamil only and have 3 different types of it. For spit up, newborn, and gentlease. I use the gentlease most of the time. The newborn one is a sample we got before she was born so I've been using it to get rid of it before she outgrows it since it's recommended for babies up to 3 months. She's been ok so far with it but I'm worried I could end up hurting her tummy.
Could that also be the reason for her super smelly farts? I swear they're so bad I sometimes think it's my husband but it's definitely coming from her... :s

Re: Formula struggles...

  • All formulas are basically the same with the exception of the specialty (a/r, sensitive,etc.) so if you're switching between specialty formulas just because I would think it would be harder to tell if that formula suits your baby. We used Newborn Enfamil to start and pedi gave us the OK to switch to Similac Advanced yesterday (LO is 5 weeks.)
  • My pedi said its best to stick with 1 for a week before switching so you can figure out what works best for you. That being said, my son did not seem to care when I switched between them.
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  • I accidentally gave LO a can of soy based Newborn Enfamil last week it was a sample can & he seems fine. I noticed he ate a lot more with it though but idk if it was the formula or a growth spurt. He's fine now & I learned I need to pay way more attention with what I'm giving my kid.
  • If it's not bothering her to switch (increased gas/spit up/fussing), I say go for it. Formula in general can cause smelly farts!
  • Thank you all so much!
    @dramaphile they seriously stink lol. sometimes I have a hard time debating if it was my husband or my daughter. :|
  • @dramaphile that's so funny, everyone told me that baby poop doesn't smell bad, and maybe it does not if they are EBF but my son's farts and poop are stinky!!
  • Enfamil seemed to bother LO's tummy, but I switched to Similac sensitive and he has less gas and reflux.
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