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Have you named your baby?

Regardless on how far along you are, have you named your little love? We didn't nickname this one early on due to fear from two previous losses but we were lucky enough to learn the sex at 11w4d! So our little guy is named: Beau! And I just can't wait to squish him!

Re: Have you named your baby?

  • Aww sweet name! Love it! I'm 15+3 and just recently started thinking about names. But I haven't mentioned it to my husband. It's like I don't want to get attached but if we lost the baby now we would end up knowing if it was a boy or girl probably so then I would want a name for him or her. I'm torn. I want to but I can't make myself if that makes sense.
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  • Love that name!!! Great choice!! We did! We named her Lauren
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  • Sorry... The app is acting up again. We named her Lauren! My DS is Logan, so it will be Logan & Lauren & my Angel Sarah!
  • I'm almost 28wks and we haven't named our little girl yet.  EEK, we have thoughts, but nothing substantial.
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  • We still haven't started talking names. DH and I both have very strong opinions on things (it took us like three months to pick out a shade of off white for our blinds) and I'm afraid that I'm going to hate every name on his list, he's going to hate every name on my list, and we're going to be stuck. Plus, we're having a girl, and for some reason I'm WAY more picky about girl names than boy names.

    I sort of think that because the baby is getting his last name and will be raised in his faith (I'm not religious and think Judaism is lovely, just not my thing) that I should get more of a say in what the first name will be. But I realize it doesn't actually work like that :smile: 
  • Yes, she's named. We picked our names 3 years ago, when I was pregnant the first time. Family names. It was amazingly easy and funny, because we have toyed with alternate names and we have completely opposite tastes. I don't have any nicknames though--she's still "the baby".
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  • I still have my list of names from my first pregnancy. We haven't talked names yet this time around. I'm only 11w3d and our previous loss was at 15 weeks. My boyfriend doesn't want to do anything to jinx it. I'm hoping and praying we will be picking a name at the end of July!
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  • We called her baby E till we found out the gender. We have named her Briar Finlea. 16 weeks on Thursday!
  • We have names picked out. I have a feeling it will be a girl, but only time will tell! For now, DH calls me "Little Bit" as a nickname or "Lil' Bit" and so we are calling our baby "Baby Bit".
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  • @mommaseal I LOVE both those names! Logan was our second choice with this little guy!
    @lilp2015 Briar is absolutely adorable! Great name!!!
  • @lilp2015 I Love that name! So unique and beautiful!
  • I had names picked out years ago before I even met my hubby. And he likes them so I got to pick. Of course I picked all my kids names. I just have a knack for it I guess. If it's a girl the name is Audrey Jade and a boy is Kaenan James. Either way the baby is taking our middle name. Just realized that.
  • We had names in mind so once we found out the gender, it was pretty easy to firm up our choice.  I'm 15 weeks now so it could change (we've known for about a week) but considering how difficult it is for us to find a name we both like I doubt it.  I liked our girl name better than our boy name and I'd been dreaming of getting to use it for a while now, but we're having a boy. 
  • I am dreading having this conversation with my husband honestly. We're both just very opinionated, and I'm worried that he'll hate everything on my list and I'll hate everything on his list and then we'll either have to agree on a name neither of us likes, or decide who gets to "win."

    FWIW, my top names are:

  • You guys, I love this! All the names are so perfect! Our DD is Amy and when we were pregnant with her is when we picked Beau too so it was relatively easy for us as well. My DH hates all the names I come up with, lol! Middle name is tricky for us. I don't do family names but my DH is dead set on his grandfathers name for the middle name. I'm not opposed to the name, I just want some say too so I think he should have two middle names. So far... Neither of us are budging!
    I'm jealous you w got the nursery done @ALC08. I spent last week emptying it out (had become our store room) but I can't decide on decor! So for now it just sits empty.
  • We haven't picked names but we pick nicknames for each pregnancy. First baby was Nugget and we still talk about that baby and refer to it by name. This baby is Batman (cause...why not). We won't find out gender until birth so we will have a list of possible names and pick one then. We aren't even telling family and friends the possibilities because we don't want to hear opinions!
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    @June2016BabyW We aren't telling anyone the names we picked either, because I don't want the name opinion flood to start. Last time we got pregnant it was a loss, but that didn't stop my MIL from telling us to name it after my DH and FIL. We weren't even far enough along to know what the sex was. Nope nope nope, not doing that again. We will kindly tell her "do not give us name suggestions we've picked the name and will announce it when baby comes!"

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  • I had the same thought about opinions because my husbands fam can be very opinionated and pushy! :/
    @Plleriti1 i conceded to my husband's grandfather's name for middle! Ha! It is also husband and FIL middle name so family tradition! Although i'm kind of of the mind that the last name is enough "tradition" for that side! I am good with it although i will be more stubborn next go around!! I am done carrying on anything from that side after this little guy :D
  • @ALC08 Ha! I feel the same way regarding the last name! But this is our last baby so I'm not quite ready to give in. I don't mind his grandpa's name... I just want some say since all I can name after this is dogs and stuffed animals! Lol! But I'm normally the one that caves in at the end. Cheers to only a couple month left!
    (Ps- can my mother stop telling me I'm SO big she doesn't see how I'm gonna make it till April?! Geez!)
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