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Going off elecare- Gerber soothe or similac sensitive?

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Hi.  LO (13 weeks) is currently on Elecare.  He has reflux and gas issues, but was never diagnosed with an MSPI.  It's been about 6 weeks on this formula and I don't notice any huge differences. He was previously on Alimentum and then we took it the step further to see if it would help the tummy troubles and slight excema.  Does anyone have experience going off elecare/neocate? If so, what did you switch to and at what age?  I plan to discuss this with his ped. of course at his next well visit, but just thought I'd ask to hear other experiences.  I've heard good things about the Gerber soothe for gas, etc so was leaning towards that one. And if he doesn't need to be on this expensive formula, I'd rather not have him on it.  His Ped. mentioned that GI doctors often have you try one of these elemental formulas first prior to any testing, so that's why we ended up trying it.  Thanks in advance for any advice!
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Re: Going off elecare- Gerber soothe or similac sensitive?

  • My daughter was on Similac Sensitive for a couple weeks and she was miserable and gassy. I know that every baby is different but that is my experience.
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