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Pregnant after 35

I'm glad we have this board.


Re: I'm glad we have this board.

  • @emgee27 It's not too late to hang out with us through your whole 3rd trimester! Plus, I'm 20 weeks so 3rd tri doesn't seem too far away and I need some reps to help prepare me for what awaits!

    Speaking of having "AMA" written on your chart, my OB sends these visit summaries in the mail after each of my appointments, which are certainly the biggest waste of paper ever. All they say is "Diagnoses: pregnant, advanced maternal age" and "Medications: prenatal vitamin", and nothing else. Duh...
    Me: 40  DH: 43
    Married 5/30/15
    TTC #1 June 2015
    BFP #1 9/28/15, EDD 6/10/16. DS born 5/23/16!
    TTC #2 May 2017
    BFP #2 m/c 11/18/17 5w5d
    BFP #3 12/17/17 EDD 8/25/18. It's a boy!
  • Yeah! we'll still have a whole trimester with you, @emgee27 ! It is good to have a place like this. :)

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  • @emgee27 Not to worry you are here now! This board didn't really pick up until december when a bunch of us got BFPs and moved over from TTC after 35. It was a record-breaking 2 months over there and hopefully we will get some more gals from that board over here soon to join this merry crew! 
  • @createillumination @Sporty1216 @redheadbride15  Aw thanks, ladies, you are all very sweet!  How exciting that so many from TTC after 35 had such a merry holiday season full of BFPs!
  • I'm OK with being AMA, but what I don't like is being referred to as an "elderly multigravida" or "geriatric pregnancy". It's as though those terms were designed to terrify and offend pregnant women at the same time!
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