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Sleeping ideas

My 4 month old is sleeping about 5-6 hours on her crib in the nursery. I put her in the crib when she's drowsy but not totally asleep. She usually falls asleep right away. But around 4 or 5 am she wakes and will only sleep in my arms. I've tried picking her up and putting her back down, I've tried rocking, singing then putting her bank in the crib and she wakes up every time she hits the mattress. I can't figure out why nap/bed time is so easy but the early morning she is so attached? Anyone have any ideas or recommendations? There are so many theories and ppl trying to sell sleep training books online - is rather hear it from real parents who have tried and learned.

Re: Sleeping ideas

  • I rolled with it for a few weeks. 4 months is a pretty gnarly sleep regression, but normal.(But nothing compared to the 9 month sleep regression, I'm finding)
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