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Walking Progress?

Our son just turned 13 months and he's cruising and crawling like crazy but still has limited interest in walking. He will do some steps with us holding his hands, but once he sees something he wants, he reverts to crawling because it's faster. 

Re: Walking Progress?

  • My wee one is the same. She is in Daycare with other kids her age and sees them walking but she won't do it herself. I wouldn't worry my ped says babies will walk when they are ready. Just keep practicing with your sweet boy. He will get it!
  • Yesterday he started standing on his own! He was so thrilled! 
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  • my daughter is the same way... she will actually takes steps with me holding her and then when she doesn't want to anymore she will just throw herself. She stands while I grab her and then I let go once she realizes she is standing without any help she gets scared and falls. I am helping her takes steps but she is not wanting to do on her own. I even bought her the 3 in 1 elephant fisher price toy where she can stand and push it from behind and she did it she was pushing the toy without my help but then she fell and now she is not wanting to walk behind the elephant. I guess she got scared. what can I do to help her get back behind the elephant pushing it so she can start walking?
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