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Any expecting moms in the area?

Re: Cold Spring NY

  • I'm across the river in Cornwall on Hudson :) ...Although I'm currently living in the city half the time due to work and will be delivering at a hospital in the city.
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    Nice to meet you. We just moved to the area in August (we have a son who's 2). I'm high risk so also delivering in the the city. I work downtown so I make the commute daily
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    Let me know if you hear of any amazing nannies becoming available around June. Best, A
  • Nice to meet you, too, @UWS ! Welcome to the area! It'd be nice to get some Hudson Valley ladies together, if possible. Either way I'm always down for a brunch at Hudson Hil's at some point :)
    My DD is May 4th, btw.
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    Thank you. I usually eat there once a weekend when our son is napping. I just look fat for now, but keep your eyes open as we get further along. I'll most likey be the 40 something pregnant lady in overalls. I am due the end of July
  • Hey, I'm in Garrison. This is my first pregnancy, we've been trying for 4 years almost. To say we are excited is a major understatement! Hope you are feeling great! 
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    Congratulations Garrison!  Just had our anatomy scan today.  All appears to be good.  How are you feeling?  I really hope we are going to be able to enjoy the summer without worrying about the mosquitos.  Do they get bad around here?  My dog just came home with a bunch of ticks.  Yikes!
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