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Still Soley Breastfeeding

My daughter is about 8m now and she's still only breastfeed, she doesn't want to eat baby food from the jar or homemade, she's seemed interested in table food, but doesn't eat any substantial amount, maybe one or two snacks, but nothing close to 6 times and daily..... any advice, or someone going/went through similar?

Re: Still Soley Breastfeeding

  • Maybe she just doesn't like the texture of purees? Have you looking into baby led weaning? Or putting food in a mesh feeder? Does she have teeth? I don't think you are expected to feed baby 6 times a day for solids...just breakfast, lunch, dinner. That being said, baby's main source of nutrition until they are 1 year old is breastmilk or formula so I wouldn't worry too much but talk to the ped about it.
  • My kiddo doesn't like purée food either, so we are doing BLW. I don't think he is actually swallowing much, but he is practicing bringing food to his mouth and chewing.
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  • my lo is a little over 7 months and he just started eating a little bit of food. only like 3 spoon full. he refused to eat purees . he seems to like the applesauce texture better. he is still nursing like 6-8 times a day. i Just keep trying a little bit each day. i figure he'll eat more when he's ready no point in trying to force it . best of luck !
  • Similar here - he'll have a few teaspoons of oatmeal and he'll suck on a piece of apple, but about 95% of the calories are still coming from breast milk. I'm not sure why... Hoping that BLW will work!
  • We went through that and then it was like someone flipped the switch on him and overnight he decided he wanted to eat. That was about a week before he turned 8 months. Now he will eat pretty much anything at anytime. I just kept offering a variety of food at least once a day.
  • Why would she need to eat solids 6x per day?! There is no problem here. Breastmilk (or formula) should be her main form of calories now and solids are just for practice.

    My LO is EBF I just keep offering table food at meal times and not worry about how much of it she is actually ingesting.
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  • Yes, just keep offering! My LO has finally warmed up to a bunch of stuff, especially fruit. Still working on chicken, though... 
  • I think as long as you're offering you should be all set. Before 1 food isn't really meant to replace the calories in breast milk but they are supposed to complement it. My little guy gets bored with purées but likes to try everything we are eating himself. Half the time it makes it in his mouth, the other half the cat gets a treat! I think a big part of it is just learning to pick stuff up and bring it to their mouth (and hopefully make it in). Tasting new things can't hurt either. It's all just for learning for when food is the main part of their diet. I just suggest every time you sit down to eat, give her something. If she eats it, great if not, she probably learned something just playing with it. You aren't gonna force her to eat anything. She will learn in her own time. 
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