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I went to the ER for extreme morning sickness, they proscribed B6 and Zofran. The doctor said I could really take as many as I want because it only absorbs about 1/2 the dose. He prescribed 8mg every 6 hours. There were a couple times I had an hour or 2 overlap because I forgot when I took it. I found out that there is a lawsuit against its makers. Is it a safe drug? Have you used it?

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    I used it very often with my 2nd pregnancy. Without it, I wouldn't have kept anything down at all for about 30 weeks. I have a very healthy 1 year old now :) I'm not saying people haven't had issues with it, as I'm aware of the lawsuit filed right after I stopped taking it, but I had no issues at all :) if you're concerned about it talk to your doctor about the lawsuit.
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    I lost 18lbs in my first trimester due to MS and eventually landed in the hospital for dehydration and they put me on zofran. I took it every 4 hours for almost 2&1/2 months. Had babys anatomy scan today and he's perfect. I wouldn't worry too much about the lawsuit.

    In psychology they teach that correlation is NOT the same as causation. There is no proof that zofran causes birth defects but rather a correlation that mothers who have children with birth defects have taken zofran. I'm sure if you research it enough you could find a billion other things that could be the cause behind the birth defect.

    Now don't get me wrong, I'm one of those people that is super against taking meds I don't need. So if you don't truly need the zofran, don't take it. But if it's gonna be the only thing keeping you from being hooked up to iv fluids at the hospital, then take them and try not to stress too much.
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    I used it in my second pregnancy and it works like GOLD right away.. I too saw the lawsuits right after I was prescribed it and took it. I was freaking out and so upset- how could my dr not tell me.... Lost story short, I would not have been able to eat and would ve been in excruciating pain the whole 1st and 2nd trimesters if I didn't take it. I eventually didn't need it after only a couple weeks of taking it (since it works so good). My son was born PERFECTLY fine. Don't stress it 
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    I used Zofran for a couple of days, and all it did was add horrendous headaches to my unbearable nausea and vomiting. Some people can use it and get great results, others not so much. Phenergan ended up being my miracle drug. Don't worry about the lawsuit. Everything has risks. You just have to choose what works for you.
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