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How Many Words at 16 months

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Hi everyone! My daughter will be 17 months in a few weeks aND still on says a few words consistently - Momma, dadda and bubba (our dogs nickname) . She has said baby in the past. She understands us just fine. Points things out. Can point to her body parts etc. I think her dr said 5 words by 18 months is ideal. However it still makes me a little worried. I have friends with kids the same age that say way more words than she does. Should i be concerned? WhaT was your experiences?

Re: How Many Words at 16 months

  • 10-20. We're working with a therapist. I'd call your local early intervention for an eval. It's usually free.
  • I'd listen to your pediatrician. Mine said that by 18months they are concerned with receptive language. They should understand pretty much everything you say, even if they're not saying it yet. By 2, they should have a much better expressive language.
    At the same time, if you are really concerned and just want the reassurance, it couldn't hurt to ask for an evaluation for early intervention. Those can have a long waiting list to be seen, though, so her language may start growing before your appointment!
    Our local United way chapter has an online early evaluation tool (it's in the project ready for school or ready to read, something like that. ) if yours has a similar tool it would be a quick way to reassure yourself and see that she is on track.
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  • 10-20. We're working with a therapist. I'd call your local early intervention for an eval. It's usually free.

    This number is not correct for a 16 month old. It's awfully high. This is something an 18 month old or a 2  year old should have.

    OP you should listen to what your Pedi says because if your Pedi isn't worried then you really shouldn't be either.

    I understand your worry because I did that with my first child even though the Pedi assured me everything was fine. It's hard not to compare them to other kids their age but it really will just drive you crazy. My first child had a language explosion at like 20-22 months and put all my worries to rest. I wouldn't panic just yet!

  • I'm not sure what it should be at 16/17 months but my pedi said at 18 months she would have been happy with 5-10 words. My daughter had MAYBE three words at 17 months and has had a word explosion since then. Had 15 words at 18 months and has doubled that and is almost 19 months. So I wouldn't worry too much. Talk to your pediatrician. They'll be able to give you the best guidance.
  • Thanks ladies for the responses. This made me feel better. I'm going to not worry about it till her 18 month checkup in february. My husband isn't concerned at all. It is just hard when you see other people saying their kids say 50 words and I'm like uh mine ways 3 Lol.
  • There's such a broad range. I wouldn't worry too much. Isabel is 19 months and says 115+ English words and 13 Spanish words. Knows colors, animal sounds, abc's and counts. My friends baby is a week older and doesn't talk at all... and there's nothing wrong with him. They all evelop differently at various rates. 
  • Keep reading to her out loud and it will add to her vocab.
  • Dont compare ur kid to other kids when determining their developmental progress. The normal range is so huge and there are many factors that affect how quickly a child learns new skills, both internal and external, that comparing only adds stress. Look at the whole picture. Follow the guidelines from ur pedi and reputable books and CDC/APA.

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  • I just had my daughters 18 month check up and I was pretty worried as she doesn't really have words down packed. She knows mama dada etc but she calls her bottle baba her milk is mah etc. And my doctor said as long as she has the beginning of words she said then my daughter is right on track :) And also remember each child develops at different stages. My close girlfriends daughter would not say anything until she was 4. She tried bringing her to a therapist, flash cards everything but she wouldn't speak English just her own mumble jumble of words. Then one day while we were sitting in the living room having tea and she just came up to us and asked if she could go outside and play.

    I wouldn't be too worried yet but if it does start to worry you more then don't hesitate to take her to a speech therapist it doesn't hurt! :)
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