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Finally. hospital

I start feeling cramps at 3 am and 6 am they are 6 min apart .went to L&d at 9:30 am and I was 6 cm dilated got admitted finally baby on the way wish us luck..........

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  • Wish you all the best! :-)
  • Good luck!!
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  • Good luck!!!
  • Good luck!!!
  • Bless you both!
  • Good Luck!!! Im just three days away from getting induceD:
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    Congrats! I was induced on 12/30/15 on his due date. I was given three rounds of Pitocin and they inserted a tab to soften my cervix and after 12 hours I hadn't dilated at all and was only at 3.5cm. My contractions were 2 minutes apart but they felt like BH. They were about to send us home but they agreed to break my water instead. Very shortly after they got very intense, I was vomiting and got the epidural after a couple of hours. After 4 hours of "real" labor (after my water broke) and 32 minutes of pushing I gave birth to my son. My fiancé asked what it felt like to push and I said it was like the worst poop I've ever experienced in my life (without the Epi is probably a different story). After 5 days I am still very sore, but try to snag extra maxi pad ice packs and ask for an extra can of dermoplast (numbing spray for "down there". The ice packs are my god send). And invest in adult diapers and hemorrhoid wipes for your recovery at home if you need to get stitched up. Good luck!
  • Without the epi is also the worst poop ever... Only more painful, lol.
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