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Asynclitic birth

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I had my daughter 11 months ago, we planned a homebirth , but ended up transporting for failure to progress and pain management. The pain in my hips was un- real. I'm curious if any woman who had an asynclitic presentation went on to have a successful natural delivery with subsequent children. We did end up with a vaginal birth, but I did need an epidural and vacuum extraction. I feel a huge amount of guilt, and I'm unsure of myself that I'll be able to handle the pain of labor again. I want to try for another homebirth. I feel like her position was what made it so painful and that why I felt was not normal labor pain, but I don't know. It felt like bone on bone burning pain, like someone was pulling my hips out of me.

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  • Listen, You went threw one of the most painful ways to give birth to a baby, that alone deserves recognition and respect! And that too, deserves some attention that it can be rather traumatic. And it's difficult for us mommies to accept when plans change, parenting teaches us that we have to sometimes go with the flow. I'm obviously not a medical professional, just another mom that had a badly positioned baby. She was posterior with a nuchal hand. We planned for months to give birth in a beautiful free standing birth center but after two days of not professing past 9cm we were a non emergent transfer to the hospital. Fast forward another 12 hours, a failed epidural and a bad spinal block, she was born! So I GET you! I know it's disappointing, even with a healthy baby. THIS is what my midwifes told me: I'm still an excellent candidate for a homebirth. There is never a guarantee on how our babies will be positioned, and it doesn't mean I will have the same problem again. I know a few moms who had several children and that their posterior or whichever position was by far the hardest birth in comparison to normal presentation. You should leave a message with your midwife, and ask her these questions. It may put your mind at ease. And a year after this birth, I was able to talk it out with a fantastic homebirth midwife my friend was interviewing. Basically, she said my job at the time was very sedentary. It leads to a lot of badly positioned babies, they don't have a lot of room in the third trimester to flip around. And my midwife at the time, didn't know enough about this to check or know how to change it during my labor. There are things we can do to try to position them better, during pregnancy and during labor. Exercise, not being reclined, and being active in the third trimester helps. Educate yourself on how you can change it next time, and know that each pregnancy and birth is different!!! Take peace in knowing that if your next baby is nicely positioned, you probably got this in the bag!!!
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