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Fashionable Moms: NYC Maternity Clothes

I was surprised to find how hard it is to find maternity clothes in NYC (so far, just Manhattan). I was fully expecting the behemoth that is Bloomingdale's on 59th St to have a department, but they don't. They referred me to a nearby maternity store that is no longer around. The maternity section in BuyBuyBaby in Chelsea is laughable in how tiny it is, and I didn't like most of what they had. The quality and styles looked pretty cheap-o. My problem is, I like to buy vintage and higher-quality sweatshop-free, when possible. Being 22w, I've def bent my rules in the name of comfort. I already have maternity jeans and leggings out of necessity, but am having a hard time finding tops as my belly expands. Where to buy nicer stuff?? That hopefully won't break the bank? I even did a search on Yelp for places in Brooklyn, fully expecting there to be several places in Park Slope, but was surprised to find very little.
So any recommends in Manhattan and Brooklyn? Was hoping to do a little shopping tomorrow :smile: 

Re: Fashionable Moms: NYC Maternity Clothes

  • @pelicanesque I don't know about sweatshop-free, but my staples both pregnancies have been seraphine (there's a store in soho I believe) and anthropologie for flowy dresses and shirts. My favorite maternity store closed sometime after my last pregnancy, but they carried a ton of great brands (Ingrid and Isabel, Splendid, Maternal America, Olian) but I've found a store online that's similar called Due Maternity. I'm downtown but I know there are definitely some boutiques uptown, I'm just too lazy to go! Good luck!
  • looks like seraphine has a sale going on right now! thanks so much!
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  • Asos website looks very fashionable to me. I will be buying all mine from there.
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    Just did the same thing last week. Can't tell you how annoyed I was to get all the way uptown and be told there was no maternity dept. at Bloomies. Checked out Seraphine and it wasn't that great either. Only decent place was on 57th and it's closed :( Good luck!
  • I managed to get a nice top on sale from seraphine, but will most likely be getting some things off of asos now. A little bummed that I can't try in person, but oh well, at least they have free shipping both ways.
    Btw, a fashionista mom friend suggested hatch as well, but it's a bit out of my budget.
    Also, I checked out clementine consignment over in the village, which I was really hoping to work out (since I prefer to buy used) but they had a pretty small and overpriced selection.

    Just passing along if others come across this thread :smile:
  • I've been shopping at my regular spots but getting flowery loose fitting items, even a few men's shirts that I get tons of compliments on. A lot of vintage!
  • bkjade said:

    I've been shopping at my regular spots but getting flowery loose fitting items, even a few men's shirts that I get tons of compliments on. A lot of vintage!

    Great way to not get a bunch of stuff we'll only wear for a few months and get rid of after! I had the same idea in mind today and popped into a Housing Works and was able to score a super stretchy/comfy dress and a flowy top :smiley: ...stuff I can just add to my regular wardrobe. Gonna try to hold off on buying anything else until I totally have to!
  • wrap and knit dresses took me through almost my entire pregnancy last time..hoping I can get away with the same this time around.
  • I have found this same problem! What is up with New York not having any great maternity clothes? So strange. I've been ordering online at ASOS and Nordstrom. Tophop has a decent maternity line that Nordstrom sells. Although, I'm not sure about sweatshop free for any of those options.
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  • A woman who gives birth will not be out of maternity clothes immediately. It usually takes several months to shrink back down, so be aware that your "maternity wardrobe" also covers up to nine months or more after the birth. For more info about maternity clothing please visit
  • I second ASOS. I used them for most of my maternity clothes the first time around and will be going back this time. Gap also has some great basics, but you might have to go online. The 34th St store might be the only one that actually has a maternity section in it.

  • Macy's had the "largest" selection of the NYC department stores but honestly - I had the best luck at Old Navy on 34th street and Target- neither of which I typically shop at for non maternity clothing. I actually preferred my Target maternity jeans to any other pair (even designer) vs any other pair that I bought. Good luck- I was very surprised about the lack of in person options as well! 
  • I'd go check out COS. Everything there is like tailor made for pregnant ladies (though not for us specifically). There are a few that opened up pretty recently in NYC
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  • There is a huge maternity store on 57th and 5th. Pea in a Pod. I pretty much got all my work clothes from there while pregnant and can still wear some of the blouses Because they are styled well. 
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