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New acne break outs

Anyone else's face breaking out in the last couple weeks of pregnancy? I've never had an acne problem, even through puberty, but my face is totally breaking out right now! How do I make it stop?!

Re: New acne break outs

  • Yes!!!! And it's definitely out of the ordinary for me!!! Never had it before. Awful! :(
  • Yep. It's like the first trimester all over again.
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  • My face hasn't been bad at all, but my shoulders and back are ridiculous!
  • I know it sounds counter-intuitive but make sure you're staying hydrated and lotioned! Winter weather changes plus pregnancy dryness means your skin freaks out and starts over-producing oils like CRAZY. Anytime you feel the slightest bit of tightness or itchiness that might mean you're dry, put on lotion! I actually have lotion that I use after I shower/at night, and then during the day when I'm maybe not in a place to wash my hands before I touch my face I have a hydration spray. I've actually seen an improvement in acne the past few weeks because I finally started paying attention to how dry I was getting. I also don't go anywhere without a waterbottle anymore. Now, if only I were so good at hydrating my stomach skin I might not be so darn itchy all the time.... :/
  • Yep, me too.  I've got some fun jaw line acne developing since I hit week 35.  As far as making it stop, if it's hormonal and related to pregnancy, not sure there is really a way to make it stop other than birthing the baby, sadly!  :/
  • I'm sorry ladies! But I am glad I'm not the only one. Haha
  • I normally don't have the greatest skin. I usually break out a little bit on my chin. This baby has given me much better skin! But I started breaking out again too. I'm 38 weeks, 5 days.
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