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Leg spasms?

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I'm 36 weeks today and in the last two days if I stand too long or do too much walking, I get these spasms in my upper leg/thigh. It's painful to the point where I can't put weight on that leg and almost brings me to my knees. Only lasts a few seconds and after a couple minutes they go away. Normal? In one of my birthing classes they mentioned the risk of blood clots but since they are intermediate pains, I'm thinking maybe baby is just hitting something wrong. (Sorry, didn't mean to post as discussion, first time to ask a question)

Re: Leg spasms?

  • Could be sciatic nerve pain.
  • I've had something very similar and my doctor said it's pretty common towards the end. The extra weight pushes down and can pinch the nerves in your legs. If it gets too bad you can try a belly band/brace thing!
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  • Leg spasms are very normal at any stage in pregnancy. I actually have to be very careful of how I stretch first thing in the morning or else I'll send my left leg into a painful spasm.
  • Thank you! Just wanted to make sure it was fairly common and wasn't something I needed to be concerned about. Started after my last docs appt and i dont go again until wednesday so havent had a chance to ask her. Thanks for the belly band recommendation, I'll definitely give it a try if this continues.
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