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Anyone else getting very painful false contractions?

Last night I started getting the most horrible contractions, I could barely think straight, was lightheaded and out of breath each time. My back felt like collapsing. Lasted the entire night, continuing still but not as intense atm. Had some bad ones this morning that made me throw up but I didn't call anyone because I had a morning ob appt anyways so I waited it out. I got checked and am only a half centimeter. Granted, I am 37 weeks, 1 day today but I hadn't known you can get excruciating Braxton hicks contractions. I had thought they were suppose to be painless. And man, that was my first cervical check and it wasn't fun, lol. Ouch. I just want this baby out! I can't sleep because of the pain which is really messing up my mental state. I'll feel so relieved when he is here...which I hope is soon! Anyone else getting bad, painful false contractions? Anyone else going INSANE from still being pregnant? I'm not sure how much more I can take. So close yet so far when you feel terrible.

Re: Anyone else getting very painful false contractions?

  • YES!! I can't remember the last time I had a decent night sleep...and every time I ask about the contractions they just say it normal...I have found chugging lots of water helps a little
  • I second the water! It really does wonders!
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  • I have been drinking a ridiculous amount of water because I always feel like I'm dying of thirst. So I know it's not dehydration. If anything, I could be over hydrated Haha. I seriously feel like I can't stop drinking day and night. My Dr didn't seemed concerned about this either.
  • @littleduck730 my doctor told me keeping my bladder empty was important in keep the Braxton hicks at bay also. He said "stay hydrated and keep your bladder empty" I laughed at him but it does work
  • You can also take a nice hot shower/bath. I had contractions last night for 3 hours, I downed 30 ounces of water and took a hot shower, they stopped and I slept like a dream. 
  • I have been having intense false labor off and on since Saturday night. I'm 39+1 and it's driving me crazy.
  • Painful BHs are my every day, but this is my 5th pregnancy and I've heard they can get worse with each one. The only things that help my ease up are:
    Drink all the water
    Empty bladder
    Empty the poop chute (yeah, I'm really a bored 12yr old)

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  • Yes! #samepage. I get so annoyed with hearing "you will know when it's true labor"
  • Maybe it's prodromal labor?? I read that some women get this days or weeks before their baby is due. It's when you get real contractions (not Braxton-Hicks) that don't progress into labor yet. Apparently, they can stop and start back up for a period of weeks.
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  • Yes mine started Tuesday at 36 weeks. Midwife said stay hydrated and to even drink an electrolyte drink like Gatorade. She said go to the chiropractor if I can, take tylenol, rest & take relaxing baths. The braxton hicks are doing something though because I'm 50% effaced.
  • Yes!!! My "bh" contractions hurt. They go on for a while then taper off. More annoying than anything.
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  • I had some painful contractions last night too. I couldn't move positions and I was in bed I was sure that I was going to go into labor. I keep drinking water at night for the contractions but I'm annoyed because I just get up to go to the bathroom!!! So it's counterproductive in getting a good nights sleep...
  • gerd1986 said:

    Yes! #samepage. I get so annoyed with hearing "you will know when it's true labor"

    Me too! I'm a FTM so to me it sometimes feels like it is real labor lol So very frustrating.
  • I had prodormal labor for 2 days before I went into full labor and I could not see a difference in pain levels of those contractions to "real" labor. Hang in there mama your baby is almost ready!!
  • I had prodromal labor starting at 37 weeks. She was born at 41 but thankfully on the big day I got to rest for the first time in a month and then from the first contraction until having her in my arms 3.5 hours despite being back labor (I got to the hospital at the 2h mark and was 8cm). I'm convinced all the crazy contractions in the last 4 weeks made for a very fast delivery.
  • Lurking from Feb 16:
    It sounds like prodromal labor. I had it last time for a few nights before I went into "actual" labor and had my baby.
    Don't think of it as false labor- your body is working hard and changes are being made. It's hard physically and emotionally but the plus side is that once things really start moving you'll probably have a quick labor and delivery!

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