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I just feel like a big pregnant nuisance...

Lately I've just been feeling left out and boring. I know DH wants to go out drinking tonight with his friends and I'm half tempted to tell him he should go out and enjoy himself but the selfish part of me doesn't want to be left at home, by myself, on NYE. We were supposed to go out to dinner tonight but I feel so overly emotional today that I don't know if we will even do that. I literally cried my entire shower this morning thinking about my moms dog and how she's so old she MIGHT die soon. (This dog is perfectly healthy, and hates me. So idk why this even came to my head) I have "tattled" on one of my technicians today TWICE because he's basically acting like a rebellious 2 year old, and now I'm crying at my desk thinking about how I might be left alone tonight just because I'm pregnant.

Half of me tells myself this is his baby too so why should I be the only one that has to change my lifestyle and sit home on NYE but the other half tells me that I'm just being bitchy for dragging him down with me.

I'm basically just stuck in an over emotional rut that I can't get out of and I'm just crying all day.

Anyone else feeling like you're holding people back? It's honestly the loneliest feeling I've had...

Re: I just feel like a big pregnant nuisance...

  • Eh...you're more considerate than I am. If DH wanted to leave me on NYE, I'd be pissed. He wouldn't dare. 
  • I should clarify... He hasn't brought it up at all, I just feel like he wants to.
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  • We have an almost 2 year old so we are tied down by that as well as being 37 weeks pregnant. We are going to a friends house early and doing a fake ball drop around 8 for the kids, then we will come home and honestly be asleep before midnight, I don't think I would care at all if DH wanted to go out, I have no interest in even staying awake until midnight lol
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    I did the crying over all the ridiculous things last week.  My sympathies.

    As for NYE, my butt will likely be in bed before 10pm.  SO will get home about 15minutes after midnight and will be waking me up in a "creative" manner to ring in the new year.  Pretty positive that means sex.  Any other time of night I'd be pissy about being woken up, but I'll wake up a bit anyway when he crawls under the covers.

    Until then, the toddler and I will be hanging out reading the same book for the bazillionth time (3 times while typing this post), eating junk food (ok, I'm eating pizza rolls and egg rolls but I'm feeding the toddler chicken and broccoli left from last night) and watching a little Blue's Clues. 

    Party Animals over here!

    ETA: The bolded was supposed to be in this post, and the rest in a different post.  Apparently my fetus has eaten enough of my brain that I forgot to switch posts and put it all here instead.

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  • I know I'm old-fashioned and lots of people find our marriage strange, but if I don't do something, DH doesn't, either. And vice-versa. If I have to stay in, DH gladly hangs back (even though I, too, sometimes feel like he'd rather be out) and we figure out something that we can do together. Often if I'm the reason we're stuck behind I concede and what we do "together" is I fold laundry while he plays video games or watches a sporting event he wanted to see. But you're right- you're in this pregnancy together! If he REALLY wants to go out, he needs to find a way to make you comfortable with it or a way to make it fun for you. If you stay in, maybe do something special for him. That way you both get something out of it, no matter what you do. New Years Eve is no night to be alone, even if your night ends before the "ball drop". :)
  • I think it's all very normal emotions (although I got a good chuckle out of you crying over the dog). I got emotional over installing our carseat today. I had a lot of issues in the first trimester fearing that DH would resent me for things changing and us going out less but he's a champ and honestly I'm sure hanging out with you at home is not the worst thing he could think of to do tonight :) I tried to make it fun and picked DH up his favorite beer to drink at home and cooked us homemade pizzas. We're currently enduring some crappy redbox movies and prob won't make it to midnight, but we're curled up on a couch together and I'm good with it.
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