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NYE Plans

Happy New Years ladies! What's everyone doing for NYE?

My family owns a big firework business and it's all hand on deck this time of year. I thought I would get to sit this one out and watch movies at home, but their was a hiccup with our plans on our biggest show so now I will be babysitting the midnight firework show. I worked the 4th of July this year and thought that would be the only show the Babes would be a part of, but I guess we get to do one more! Luckily I can sit in the car and watch movies, color, work on my blanket for LO. But not looking forward to sitting in the car for almost 12 hours lol. Just sitting in bed these days is uncomfortable.

Hope you ladies have some nice relaxing plans for those who are still expecting and for those who have their LOs already that they enjoy their first NYE with their newest family member :smile:

Re: NYE Plans

  • I'm not doing much and I'm gunna love every second of it.
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  • I forgot it was NYE until this morning. DH and I will eat dinner as normal and probably play computer games all night. There's a good chance we won't make it to midnight! Hope some of you are doing something more interesting!
  • We are going to a friends kid friendly party and are showing a ball drop at about 8, then we will come home and put our almost 2 year old and then ourselves to bed.
  • Parking my big, pregnant tushy on the couch and letting my kids run amuck while SO and I watch the Michigan State football game...
  • Nothing, and it's gonna be glorious. 

  • Dinner and games with friends and family at my parent's house. We'll see how far I can make it. Luckily I wouldn't feel weird bowing out and taking a cat nap since it's my parent's house! 
  • I am going to work and then going to bed! That is all.
  • Hanging out at a friends house. I have gd so I'll get one sip of sparkling grape juice to toast the new year (can't have more because too much sugar) and then it's off to bed.
  • DH is a musician and plays every NYE. I'm trying to summon up all the energy I have to go out tonight. The biggest problem I'm facing at the moment is finding something that fits!
  • Going to be working an overnight shift. Cause I guess pregnant people don't have a life and can just be stuck on the shift no one wants -.-
  • We're going to play Bingo. Which I'm sure is not how either of us envisioned our first NYE where I'm finally 21 going, but it'll be fun. Then we'll go back home at 11:30 and his friends are coming over to drink and play games. I'll more than likely be ready for bed by then.
  • We'll be making pork chops, playing board games with family members, and I'll have a couple sips of champagne when it hits midnight. This is the most laid back new years I've had in a long time. We're usually downtown partying in the streets lol. Guess it is time to get used to this laid back lifestyle.
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    We are heading to a friends house for a get together , I will be so impressed if I stay out until midnight ! I get to meet her new guy of interest woot woot ! Just hoping my water doesn't break at her new place :/
  • We will go to my sister's and ring in the new year with family and friends. Not sure I will make it to midnight, but I will try. We will also be cheering for a Michigan State win tonight!
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  • My husband is working until 10 or 11, and I am basically housebound with my cane and sciatic pain, so... I guess I'm staying in?  Haha.  I think once he gets home we'll watch a movie on Netflix but guys, I am SO excited to have a glass of champagne!  My husband bought a tiny 5 oz bottle for me last night.  This will be the first sip of alcohol I've had since being pregnant (and the last, until after she arrives) and I'm looking forward to it.  :)  And the rest of the night I have delicious cranberry/apple sparkling cider to enjoy.

    Side note - if anyone can think of something fun to make or order for a NYE dinner by myself, while my husband is still at work, I am trying to think of ideas and coming up empty.
  • Eating pizza and watching tv lol
  • I've got a mini bottle of Moet in the fridge that I'll be sharing with DH! 
  • Ordered in Chinese food and plan to be in bed nice and early. Oh the glories of being super pregnant.
  • Happy Birthday @Meg980

    Change of plans for me. Hubby and I are settling down with large Lego models (our Christmas gifts to each other). Nerd fun!
  • We're going out for a fancy dinner out! I love long, leisurely meals and figure they'll be in short supply once our little one arrives, so we're going to enjoy one tonight. Then we've got a mini bottle of champagne to toast at midnight, provided I can manage to stay awake that long with a full belly (maybe I'll set an alarm...) 
  • My husband is a bartender so guess where he will be? I'm a chef that has a terrible cold and is 38 weeks pregnant, I'll be up for work at 5am. I'll be in bed.
  • Reposting my plans from a different post:

    My butt will likely be in bed before 10pm.  SO will get home about 15minutes after midnight and will be waking me up in a "creative" manner to ring in the new year.  Pretty positive that means sex.  Any other time of night I'd be pissy about being woken up, but I'll wake up a bit anyway when he crawls under the covers.

    Until then, the toddler and I will be hanging out reading the same book for the bazillionth time (3 times while typing this post), eating junk food (ok, I'm eating pizza rolls and egg rolls but I'm feeding the toddler chicken and broccoli left from last night) and watching a little Blue's Clues. 

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    Dinner at a local italian restaurant, then coming home & hubby is supposed to make brownies & we will fall asleep trying to watch a movie. We are both exhausted.
  • Finishing up packing and prepping for baby since I get induced tomorrow!
  • We're having some friends over since im too lazy/big to go anywhere. This way i can be in yoga pants if need be.
  • 1) super comfy maternity nightgown
    2) oreo pie
    3) Person of Interest on Netflix

    Living it up over here! ;P
  • I spent an hour getting ready so that we could swing by DH's boss' annual party... We stayed for an hour 1/2, then came home and crashed.

    DH asked last week if I "want"ed to go. I had to explain that at this stage of pregnancy, I don't "WANT" to go anywhere except to bed or the couch. Ha! But I do love that man, so I was okay with a compromise. :D
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