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Birthing classes..??

Are they really necessary?   I'm a FTM and was looking at the available classes at my hospital of choice and started thinking, am I really going to benefit at all from this??  It's not expensive so that isn't an issue i'm just wondering if it's really worth the time.  When you are in labor, are you really stopping to think, "now what did the instructor say about this?  honey, would you mind getting my notes out so i can remember how to breathe?"  But, if it IS worth it, i've already got the website up to register. Also, for those who will be taking classes, when are you taking them?  I was looking at end of April, first of May time frame????

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  • I took a baby care basics/breastfeeding combo class for pregnancy #1. It was more to prepare DH than myself. He isn't a reader and really never spent anytime around babies. 
  • I met with my midwife yesterday and she highly recommends and really encourages her patients to do birthing classes just so that you're prepared and have ways to cope with the pain and know your choices of positions and find what's right for you. It's not just breathing. It opens the door for options, what works for one may not work for another. 
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  • I never took one. I stuck with Google and books and when I found something I though DH should know I would tell him. Some women swear they were a life saver but I didn't bother with them.
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  • I took a Bradley class when I was pregnant with DD. I found learning about the birth process and different positions/techniques really helpful. But the thing I feel I benefited most from (we did use different techniques and things) was knowing my rights and asking to be on a lower dose of pitocin when I was induced and to know that when they told me I needed to have a c-section I knew it was because it was a true emergency and not just trying to get the baby out of me after being in labor for 24 hours.

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  • I liked it because they go over stuff before delivery and after too. Also it's nice because it makes you more comfortable especially if they hold it at the hospital you're delivering at
  • We will be starting Bradley classes mid-January and I'm very excited.

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  • I didn't take them before DD but I've heard a lot of people meet mom friends that way!
  • I'm due the end of June.  I'm looking at the class that starts the second week of May.  It's one day a week for four weeks.  I'm thinking this is a good time frame.  Should i shoot for end of April instead?
  • Our OB recommended one to us that's run by a few of the labour & delivery nurses at our hospital. I was just looking into it this morning & I think DH & I will definitely be signing up for it. They offer either 2 weeknight classes, or 1 weekend class (9-3:15). DH is especially excited about taking a class as he doesn't have any experience with babies, so I think it will be really beneficial to us. 
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  • Third time mom and I never took a class.

    With my first I took the hospital tour and dos a lot of personal research. I've had one birth with an epi and one all natural, but went great and I never felt I was missing any information. Libraries have great resources and videos too that might be helpful.
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  • I'm a FTM, planning to take them. My DH is also excited about it which I think is really cool.
  • DH and I are going to be taking one.  I'm most excited about becoming familiar with the hospital I'll be delivering at. 

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  • I took a class during my first pregnancy and I had fun and learned a lot. Honestly the best part for me was meeting other couples and bonding with dh. I'm not planning to take another class this time around but I think it's worth it at least once. @StayingFocused I think starting a class end of April or early May would be fine. Just choose whichever works in your schedule better.
  • @StayingFocused I would opt for the end of April class so you will be done with classes just in case something happens and you deliver early. You could easily have baby anytime between 38-42 weeks or even earlier and not have any problems.

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  • I would go with the end of April because what if you're early, or what if you're just plain uncomfortable and that's one less place to be at the end of pregnancy. I'm going to take some so dh can learn about newborns, but I read that statistically more women stick with an unmedicated birth if you've taken a class. I'm going to take the classes, and use them as a discussion for dh on how to help me, when to leave me alone, etc.
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