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Long uterus? Fibroids? More than one?

At 8 weeks 4 days, I had an abdominal ultrasound. I'm a little overweight and it seemed like the tech was having difficulty finding the baby in the lower abdominal area. She moved the wand up and was up near the bottom of my left ribs when she found the baby and we were able to hear the heart beat. She said she also found a fibroid. My questions are, shouldn't the baby be much lower at 8 weeks? (She said I might have a long uterus) but also, are there complications that I should be looking for from having a fibroid?
This is my third pregnancy, and we are in a little shock because my kids are a little older and we thought we were done. the first two resulted in c sections, but I can't shake the thought that there are twins for this pregnancy.... Any thoughts on why the baby would be so high and complications to watch for

Re: Long uterus? Fibroids? More than one?

  • What did your doctor say???
    Honestly if she/he was having a hard time finding the pregnancy they should have switched to a transvaginal ultrasound as its much easier to see anatomy that early and the fact you said you are " a little over weight" that's even more reason she should have used it.
    Unless you have a really really short torso or she had the probe angled towards your belly button not up , I'd say get a second opinion because in the years I've been working ob/gyn I've never seen a pregnancy above a belly button before 10 weeks earliest. It usually doesn't even reach the navel by 12 weeks on some girls.
    Did they mention If it was eptopic ?
    Fibroids aren't uncommon and typically don't cause many problems other than increased chance of abdominal pain. I've seen a few cases where large ones cause the baby to not position correctly for delivery and a c section had to be done instead.
  • She also may have had to just use the angle to get a photo.... where the probe is DOES NOT correlate to where the baby is.
    She definitely should have looked with a vaginal probe.
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  • Fibroids: my doctor told me I had two fibroids. It depends how they are positioned. Mine are on the outside of the uterus not the inside, so they shouldn't affect the baby at all, but I will be monitored more in the 3rd trimester. You really need to ask the doctor about this. The ultrasound tech never told me about the fibroids, only the doctor. They haven't bothered me at all, so they are just there. But yours may be in a different position. Talk to your doctor.

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