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  • Any reason you chose 22 as your cutoff, OP?  I'm 24 and my husband is 23, so we're not too far off.
    Me: 26   H: 26
    Foster Care process
    Licensed: June 2017
    Foster son placed with us: January 2018
  • Im 34! DH 37!
  • That is so awesome! Best of luck to you! I'm happy to know I'm not the only young one on here lol :)
  • Honestly no I was just curious :) best of luck to you!
  • Thank you so much! I love reading other people's stories! Baby dust to you :)
  • Oh I'm sorry...obviously I am new haha
  • 35, yo. Thirty effing five.


    This 35yo couldn't have said it better herself. :)

    Welcome OP!
    Me: 36 | DH: 34
    Married: May 2008
    TTC #1 since August 2015
    FET #1: November 4, 2016
    BFP: November 13, 2016 
    EDD: July 25, 2017

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  • Welcome and good luck! I just turned 23 and my husband is 20. 
  • Apparently, I missed the cut-off. I'm 23, hubby is 27. I met him when I was 19, though... Totally counts.
    Me: 25 | DH: 29 | DSS: 9
    TTC #1: Aug - Nov '15 (TTA N'15-J'17 for Nursing School)
    TTC #1 take two: July 2017 (NTNP); August 2017 (actively TTGP)
    BFP 10/9 @ 10 DPO; EDD June 23, 2018

  • This post has me cracking up!!!!! 30 here and husband is 29. By no means old (and none of you are either.) but some days my body seems to think otherwise!
    American living in the Middle East
    TTC: May 5, 2015/BFP: August 22, 2016/EDD: April 29, 2017

  • 33 1/2.
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    DH and I:  Early/mid 30s
    Married 7/15
    TTC #1 as of 8/15
    BFP 11/21/15 -- MC confirmed 12/1/15
    BFP #2 2/18/16
  • Also 35, though I've rounded the corner towards 36 now. ;)
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    DH: 36⎹ Me: 36
    Married: Aug. 2005
    DS1: Born Oct. 2012
    DS2: Born Jun. 2014
  • So... Just you know, I'm going to zombie the **** out of this thread in a couple of days, because I spend every birthday feeling ancient, and I may need a reality check from you youthful, phallic snowmen appreciating ladies.
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  • 33! So happy to hear that most of us are in our 30s!
  • I want to play! I'm 30, 31 in January! And to think I was feeling very sad just the other day because I was turning 31. Yay for over 30!

    Me: 30 DH: 30
    Started TTC April 2015
    BFP and MC June 2015
    Getting healthy; benched July-September
    Back TTC October 2015
    BFP 3/20/2016
  • @MRSCORKER I was told that by a couple of male co-workers when I was 25-26 (but they said I "only had a couple of years left")! I told my mom and aunt after it happened (because I thought they would find it funny too) and they said "well that's true." They both had children in their mid 30s. I don't understand.

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    creepy Easter bunny coming as soon as I can look at the screen more than 30 min at a time.

    Me: 28 

    DH: 29 

    Married: October 2012 

    TTC #1 since September 2015 

    Clomid round 1 starting: 4FEB2016 = No ovulation
    Clomid round 2 starting: TBD... whenever AF decides to show up, or I have to take Provera again

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