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growth scan in the morning.

So I am 36+2 today. Yesterday I had my 36 week check up and am only measuring 31.5. I wasn't feeling worried about it but as it gets later into the evening I am working myself up over this. This pregnancy has been really, really rough. Both my grandfather and father died suddenly during this pregnancy. My husband also lost his job. (luckily he has found a new one but it put us back financially a lot). I have been sick throughout. It's been hard to tell if the fatigue and blah feelings are from grief or pregnancy (probably both). I had a growth scan at 29 weeks because I was measuring 27 weeks and I was feeling so poorly. Everything from that scan looked great. But here I am 7 weeks later with very little growth and very little total weight gain. When people ask when I am due and I say January they always are in shock because my bump is so tiny. Anyone else measuring behind like this?

With my first pregnancy, I did measure a week or two behind this whole time, but never this far. DS came at 37+1 (completely naturally and super fast). I never had a growth scan with him (just the 20 week anatomy scan). He was 6lbs and 7oz at birth. 

I'm not sure why I'm saying this. I just feel like I'm ready for this year to be over and this baby to be here and healthy. Here's to hoping that tomorrow's scan has good results. 

Re: growth scan in the morning.

  • How are all your other vitals? Good heartbeat in baby and good fluid amount?? Any weird measurements? You may just have small babies. I've always heard size is most concerning If there's a sudden change or if different parts are measuring different rates. I'm sure your dr would monitor you more or alert you of any concerns. With everything you've been going through its gonna make you more anxious. Hang in there mama, only a few weeks left to go!

  • Everything else looks great. My vitals are great as are baby's. I think the main concern is fluid amount and placenta size. I don't want to be induced early for any of those reasons.

    Honestly, I wasn't too concerned until this evening. DH is at work and I'm home alone with a sleeping toddler and Google. Chances are I'm just working myself up over (hopefully) nothing.
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  • I had a patch where I was a month behind on the growth chart but when they scanned the baby she was just fine. I was 35 weeks and measured barely 31. But I had a growth spurt and am now only 1-2 weeks behind which is really nothing significant at all. All that to say I caught up and my daughter was unaffected. I hope that's the case for you too and if not it just means you may meet your LO a little sooner than later. Hang in there!
  • Probably :) spend some time looking at newborn pics of your toddler. I just did with mine and it put me in such a happy, expectant mood! I can't wait to meet our new baby!

  • Probably :) spend some time looking at newborn pics of your toddler. I just did with mine and it put me in such a happy, expectant mood! I can't wait to meet our new baby!
    great idea. 
  • Good luck, I'm so sorry about your tough year, and wish you a great start to 2016. My OB said that towards the end when baby drops, stomach measurements can be more off than usual. My stomach measurement showed 0 change between weeks 38 and 39, but I had an ultrasound (already scheduled not because of the measurements) and my fluid was find and baby had grown 1/2 lb. Hang in there!
  • I'm in the same boat. My baby is measuring a few weeks behind and is in less than the 5th percentile. I've been having growth scans once a week and non stress tests twice a week for the last month. I'm being induced tomorrow, one week early. All of my baby's parts are proportionate and my chord and fluids look good, he's just tiny! My doctor had me buy a bunch of preemie clothes and diapers but at my scan this week, he's now measuring close to 6lbs. From what I understand, as long as the chord is nourishing, fluid pockets look good, and baby's vitals are good, you have nothing to worry about. Tiny babies will catch up:). Good luck!
  • @OrangeFox Thinking of you and hope everything turned out well at your scan. Keep us posted!!



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  • @OrangeFox - So sorry for your losses during pregnancy, and I hope you and your LO are doing well!  Definitely let us know how the growth scan went.  I have a couple friends who were measuring similarly to you and they just ended up having small, totally healthy babies.  Good luck!
  • Sorry to hear of the stressors you have had to deal with while pregnant. I have been measuring behind consistently this whole pregnancy too. I went from feeling complimented about the oh your so tiny comments to being very annoyed and worried. I'm still getting them , I'm due Jan 10 but people say I look 6 months . I had an ultrasound and 3 weeks ago BC I was measuring any 3 or 4 weeks behind and the baby weighed any 6.5 lbs and everything was fine. The baby is sitting super low and her head can be felt easily with an internal exam.

    When I went in yesterday the doctor wanted to do another US because I was still measuring behind and measured less than last week. I'm getting do annoyed BC my insurance has already denied 3 of the 7 ultrasounds so I refused the US because she has been moving like crazy and feels like she's growing. The MD said if my measurement doesn't increase by next week she will need to do U S . I had gained like 3 pounds but my measurement is less , I don't get it ! Feeling slightly worried too.. I am sure our LO s are doing just fine !
  • DD started measuring behind right around 32 weeks. I had weekly ultrasounds until my doctor induced at 38 weeks. Her vitals were fine, she just wasnt growing. She was bigger than they thought (5# 10oz vs estimated 4#). Lab testing showed that the placenta was failing. She spent no time in NICU and had no complications. She's 16 and extremely healthy now, but I'm so glad they induced before the placenta failed completely. Inducing isn't always a bad thing!

    DD 12/20/99, DS 12/14/12, M/C 9/2014, M/C 1/2015

  • Thanks for all your words of support. Had my ultrasound this morning and everything looks good. Baby is in the 45%ile for size with plenty of fluid. I measure 5 weeks behind externally but nothing to worry about. They estimate the baby's weight to be 5lbs and 14oz. My son was born at 6lbs and 7oz (but also came three weeks early). So this is right on track for his weight. Makes me feel much better!

    I was hoping that this baby would come early like my first. But since baby is still on the smaller side it makes waiting a little longer easier.
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