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Lower abdominal cramping

I'm 38 weeks and have had constant cramping in my lower abdomen. It's constant so I can't time it. Are these contractions? Could this be a sign of labor starting?

Re: Lower abdominal cramping

  • It's probably just Braxton Hicks. There's a few other threads on the board where this has been discussed and how to relieve the discomfort. Try using the search at the bottom of the page.

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  • Braxton hicks or round ligament pains. Most likely rlp if it's constant. I've had it too and come to find out the baby has dropped down a good bit and is stretching all that out.
  • Could also be gas. I get crampy for an hour or two at a time but it's relieved when I can finally pass gas.
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  • I was 38 weeks and I also was having lower abdominal pains. Honestly felt like I needed to have a bowel movement. I blew it off as nothing. The Dr I work for made me sit down and she started my pains just because and they were 3 mins apart. I had no idea they were contractions. A few hours later I had my little girl. I was quite surprised. Yours could be Braxton hicks but I would still keep an eye on it and don't be afraid to call your Dr.
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    I'm having the same feeling. I had time able contractions last night for 3 hours but they stopped after a hot shower. Then I woke up this morning with the more consistent lower pain. I have the doctor today so I'm just going to wait and see what they say. I have a NST so they'll be able to easily tell if it's anything meaningful
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