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Anyone still cooking?
How are the babies who have already been born been doing?

Re: multiples

  • I'm still cooking! I'm only 37+5 though. It's my third and I'm miserable (just like everyone else) but hoping it will be any day now. I keep thinking- soon I'll stand up and my water will just break. I can dream.
  • I have been wondering if I was the only twin mama left! I am still going at 35+4 over here. I have a C section scheduled for 37+6 on 1/15, so two weeks from Friday is the max time left.

    Babies are measuring big as of their last growth scan- 6 lbs 7 oz and 6 lbs 3 oz. I know these scans are notoriously inaccurate but I am hopeful they are big, healthy babies. I don't feel like I am anywhere close to labor, so I just went back to work after a week off during Christmas. I am trying to bank all the PTO I can for after they're born.

    I am very uncomfortable. I cannot sleep and I am resigned to our couch which provides better back support and infomercials for when I am inevitably awake at 3 am. I am completely ready to go as far as my discomfort goes but really trying to remain patient for their health. I cannot wait to meet them! And it doesn't help that everyone around me thinks I am going to give birth within the 5 minutes I am talking to them.

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  • @happyandhopeful3 - I know what you mean about people thinking you're ready to go. I have friends who check in with me twice a day!

    I am 36+1 today and have a growth scan at noon. I have both an induction and a section scheduled for the 14th (38+1). If I don't go into labor by then, they'll decide based on how my cervix is doing. It's crazy that I spent the whole pregnancy worried about cervical shortening and ended up with a very "competent" cervix that now the concern is whether I can even go into labor!

    I'm still exercising almost every day, but spend the rest of it in my recliner with heat on my back. :smile:
  • @nanaamp I cannot believe you are exercising daily- that is so impressive. My main exercise is getting myself off the couch without toppling over.  Are your babies in good position for a vaginal birth?  Mine are breech and transverse so C section is necessary.

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  • @happyandhopeful3
    They are both vertex. Twin B has pushed twin A out of the way. They still feel like they are fighting it out though.
  • Had my girls at 35+2 on December 23. My water broke the night before. Twin B (Zoe) stayed in NICU 5 days, but A (Anna) stayed in regular nursery. We are all home and trying to gain weight now. They were 5 lb 9 oz and 5 lb 2 oz.
  • @rah938 Glad you are all back home! Sounds like great weights!
  • Congrats @rah938 !! Nice big twins!

    My twins were born at 35+1. They're now 20 months and absolutely perfect. It's a good gestational age. :)
  • @happyandhopeful3 I just saw your birth announcement, congratulations! Your babies are gorgeous and I hope you're recovering well.
    @rah938 Congratulations! I'm so happy for you that you've been able to take your babies home already! I hope you're all going well.

    Today is week 7 since my twins were born and we are still in the nursery :( my little girl has been ready to come home for 3 weeks now, but my little boy is still not feeding well. We've had several cardiology reviews and found out he has a lot more issues with his heart than we knew about. our paediatrician believes that the heart is working hard and burning calories which makes him quite tired and makes feeding very difficult. He occasionally has a really good breast/bottle feed but then sleeps through his next feed. We're hopefully taking him home with his feeding tube in, which means this week I'm learning how to insert it and manage it myself. As he gains more weight, the impact of his heart will be reduced. Also, the bigger he gets it makes it safer for operating.
    It has been a stressful 7 weeks for me. I cry pretty much daily missing my babies as soon as we have to leave the hospital. The nurses are generally wonderful, but then we have some crap ones which makes things so much harder. Just can't wait to have them home!!
    Hope everyone is going well :)
  • Good luck to you and your little ones @emmalc16 . That must be so hard. I hope you're all home and healthy soon and that the hard part is behind you. It WILL all be behind you eventually.
  • I had my girls on the 20th - 37w2d! I was induced because they were concerned about twin A's growth not keeping up with B. Turns out everything was totally fine and they were 5.8lbs and 6.5lbs! No NICU, great feeders, vaginally delivered. We were home in a couple days and I'm so in love with my little peanuts.
  • @Theliops - Congrats on the twins! That's great that there wasn't an issue with weight in the end!

    @emmalc16 - sounds like what you're going through is tough. I hope things get easier soon!

    I'm happy that I made it to see Stat Wars tonight and that I didn't have to get up to use the restroom!
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