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Induced and having trouble! Help!

Okay ladies... I started the induction process at 6:30 this morning (December 30th) due to preeclampsia. I started off completely closed and not thinned at all. I was given a vaginal suppository to soften up and thin out. After 2 hours, they started pitocin. I was getting my pitocin increased by 2mL/hour every 30 minutes until I reached 20mL/hour but only made it to 1 centimeter. After being on the medicine for 12 hours, doctor decided to take me off for a while and let my body rest. He plans to restart it in the middle of the night. As soon as I got off the meds, I lost my mucus plug. I had some visitors so I was in bed for a couple hours, but I am not bouncing on a birthing ball trying to get this stubborn little girl out. Anybody have any other advice??? Sorry for the length!

Re: Induced and having trouble! Help!

  • Honestly, I think they need to fully re-evaluate things.
    When I was induced we did cervadil for 12 hours and then I was started on Pit. They would only go to 18 on Pit. I started having problems where my cervix wasn't where it should have been. We stopped Pit for 2 hours, restarted it at a lower rate, broke my water and in less than an hour I had my DD1.
    Advocate for how you are feeling, because you can wait so you can get rest if you want. What do you want to do? Tell them!
  • Mine was a little different. Started induction Wednesday December 23 at about 8:30
    I did one round of cervadil
    Had very little change in my cervix
    Did another round of cervadil at 3pm Thursday December 24 gthat's 24hrs) then went straight to labor and delivery at 5am December 25th.
    Started pitocin(spelling?) at 5:45ish Christmas morning.
    My son was here 10:21an Saturday December 26th

    Contractions got so bad Friday I started the epi at 3:00 Christmas Day (merry Christmas -rolls eyes-)
    Id talk to your doctor about what they are doing- every place is different though. Plus your body is being forced to do something it's not ready to do yet.
    Give it time :)
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  • Trust your OB
  • Definitely stick up for yourself, my first experience was awful because I didn't. If you feel strongly about something say so! Don't let them push you or guilt you into something you aren't comfortable with or ready for, especially if it not life or death. I had preeclampsia with my first, 3 day induction, 3 rounds of cervadil and only made it to 3 with a csection. Try a warm bath and walking but ultimately they are trying to force your body to do something early.
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  • I was on Pitocin for 2 full days with barley 1cm of dilation by the end of day 2. Almost same situation as you. Started at the 2mL and increased up to 20, each day. They ended up doing the catheter and balloon contraption, to manually dilate me. They started it at 6am and at 2:17, baby boy had made his appearance. I was feeling so defeated by the end of day 2, I was ready to request a C section, lol. Glad I waited and turns out, the balloon did the trick, and wasn't to painful. I did get an epi. Around 11am.
  • I know nothing about the dosage of pitocin I had, but I also had the balloon thingy (foley bulb?) done during my induction. It wasn't too uncomfortable if I remember correctly. Plus it gave me time to rest and take a break from the meds. After that they broke my water which also helped me make progress.
    I also loved my time in the bath and shower. (Couldn't go back to the tub after they broke my water). Try to do anything you can to physically relax. I bounced on the birthing ball and walked the halls to distract myself too. I hope you get a chance to rest and maybe eat (I had broth and jello which in the moment I was very grateful for). Don't exhaust yourself with the induction, but use that time to charge up for labor. Good luck!
  • Ladies that have been induced, I have a question. My doctor has said she won't let me go past 40 weeks. I've been 90% effaced but hardly dilated for the last 3 weeks. Doctor is out of the office now, but I see her on my due date, Monday the 4th. How far in advance did you schedule your induction? I'm hoping to have it asap, as doctors didn't even think I would see my due date.
  • I'm not being induced this time, but when I was induced with DS1 it was scheduled a few days in advance. Have you had your membranes stripped at all? That could be enough to jump start labor, especially if you are 90% effaced. Even if you're only 1 or so centimeters dilated, they can generally still do the strip. Just a thought, if you want to try it before moving to induction.
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  • @RunnerMeg she has not discussed stripping my membranes yet. I'm guessing it will be addressed on Monday morning.

    I am at an increased risk for c-section so I don't know if that makes a difference either. Just hoping I can make it through this weekend without losing my mind!
  • If I make it to my last appointment at 39 weeks 5 days my doctor will schedule an induction to keep me from going past 41 weeks. She offered to schedule one for 39 weeks at my last appt. but I was like "no, I'm good."
    I'll probably get my membranes stripped at my next appt. From what I've heard it helps if you are already showing progress. (It made no difference with my first, but she was not ready at all).

    @mharper0614 still thinking about you, I hope all went well and you are already resting and snuggling your little one. :)
  • I had a foley balloon catheter inserted the night before my induction and it made me dilate to 3.5 cm. When I was induced they did three rounds of Pitocin and also an insertion to soften my cervix but after 12 hours of walking, ball bouncing, I hadn't dilated at all. They were going to send me home but they actually agreed to break my water. Four hours after my water broke I gave birth to my son.
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