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15 month old does not sleep away from home

My 15 month old son gets worse at sleeping in other houses or hotels the older he gets and I am wondering what other parents have tried and had success with. I have brought his own sheets for the pack n play, his fan, his lovies, anything that would normally help him sleep here. There have been several times we have had to drive home at 2 or 3 am because he won't stop crying and screaming. He can be so tired and full when I put him down but the second I do, he starts crying hysterically. We have a family beach trip next week and I really hope someone can give me new tips that I haven't tried so we can enjoy the full 2 days. Thanks in advance!

Re: 15 month old does not sleep away from home

  • My family lives out of town and we travel to see them pretty often plus other vacations and my DS same age never sleeps well when away from home. The only thing I found that worked for us is having him sleep in bed with us when we are away if that's an option for you. Other than that I would have recommended the things you are already doing. Just to add when we bed share with him we just follow the safety recomendations and when we get home he goes right back to sleeping through the night in his crib. He might be a little off the first night but definitely happy to be home. Hope you figure it out its hard to travel a lot with a little one. Also maybe if your with other family members try having them put your little one to sleep instead if we aren't ready for bed yet and its time for him to sleep sometimes he will only go to sleep if my dad rocks him he always wakes up eventually to get into bed with us but just an option. It might just take him some time. Goodluck! I
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