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BCBS-MN and Spectra breast pumps?

Has anyone with BCBS-MN been able to get a Spectra pump covered? If so, which DME suppliers did you use, and when was yours purchased/covered?

BCBS gave me a 132-page list of all of their approved Durable Medical Equipment suppliers, and I'm supposed to just order the pump I want from one of them. I've had to look up each supplier individually online, figure out where they have their DME listed, and then look for breast pumps. Most don't even have breast pumps. The ones that DO have pumps seem to all have the Medela pump, but I'm really nervous about condensation and mold in the tubes (which seem to be a huge problem with frequent pumping). I'm going to be primarily pumping and don't want to make my baby sick with contaminated milk! The only other option with Medela is to buy new tubes every 15 pumps or so... at $10 a pop. I've heard really great things about the Spectra pumps re: portability, hygiene, etc. Anyway, can anyone help me? First-time to-be mom here, and I don't want to poison my kid!!

Thanks :-)

Re: BCBS-MN and Spectra breast pumps?

  • My company didn't cover electric pumps so I had to pay for my out of pocket so I'm not experience in the medical equipment suppliers- but my midwife did say they could have ordered one for me. So perhaps check with your doctor/midwife and maybe they can help?

    I used a less popular model, the Evenflo, and it worked just fine and had closed tubes so no concerns with mold. I was working full time and traveled a lot as well while pumping. 
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  • The tubes shouldn't ever get milk in them if you are using the medela pump correctly. And the tubes never come in contact with your milk anyway. When you are done pumping just unhook the phalanges and let the pump push out any condensation that may have gotten in there from the heat of your breast and milk. I've never had any issue with mold.
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  • I have BCBS of Nebraska, live in MN. I just used Edgepark Breastpumps online and they won't directly with your insurance and Dr.s office, they won't send anything until 30 days from Due Date. They have the Spectra S2 and 2 other Spectra models... I am looking at the S2 this time, I currently have the medela and have the same concerns.
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    If your plan uses PPO providers as an in network option, you can use MilkMoms.com as a DME supplier. Located right in Andover, MN. I will say that the owner offers an "add on" package of extra supplies that BCBSMN will not cover, so dont be surprised if you get an extra bill if you opt for extra supplies.

    I have BCBSMN as well and understand the coverage very well. :) Hope that helps!


  • I have Health Partners and had the same situation (they tried to convince me I wanted a Medela through their own supply company, then handed me a long list and said good luck!).  After checking the entire list, I came up with four companies that carry Spectra and are Tier 1 coverage.  To save other mama's the time, they were Neb Doctors, Milk Moms, Superior Medical, and Byram.  McKesson and Yummy Mummy are maybes. 

    Also, you can go to the Spectra webpage and click on the Insurance link on the top.  You enter your state and your insurance company and it will tell you some of the possible suppliers.  That said, there was exactly one on their HealthPartners list, sooooo...
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