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Miscarried...Pregnant Again...Advice?

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Quick bio: I'm 37, I miscarried and had a d&c in mid-September (after bleeding for several weeks and seeing a heartbeat twice :-( ), I had my first period November 4th-9th, I'm pregnant again already! I want to be excited, but instead I'm worried and scared it's going happen again. I went to the doctor yesterday to confirm the pregnancy only through a pee test. I go back next week for an Ultrasound. They mentioned yesterday I may not be able to date it to my period since it was the only one since my d&c. So, while I was hoping I was right at 8 weeks, I won't really know until the ultrasound. Anyone else been through this? Anything I can do to relax? Has anyone else had one period and gotten pregnant? We're the dates right for you? Ack! See, I'm crazy and all over the place!

Re: Miscarried...Pregnant Again...Advice?

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    I had a mc in early August. I was very early, only 5/6 weeks. I miscarried naturally and that took about two weeks.
    The next month we tried and I got my big fat positive!
    I can SO relate to how you feel!
    I kept myself busy, only told a few friends and family members this time. The fact that I was miserable the first trimester was reassuring but also so draining.
    I had three ultrasounds by 11 weeks.
    I'm now 16w and baby is growing & healthy! I had the harmony test and all is good.
    I am 39 & will be 40 when I deliver in June.
    Just hang in there, take it easy, let the house go to hell and take care of yourself. Take your prenatals, eat healthy & rest:)
    Positive Thinking!
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    I was so paranoid this time, I had three ultrasounds by 8w4d! I've been feeling pretty confident since the last one, but a friend from TTCAL just found out her baby stopped growing at 8 weeks, so the seeds of doubt have been planted again. I still think everything will be okay, but I can't wait for my next u/s at 12w3d. I'm getting the MaterniT21 test on Monday, but I'm not sure if good results guarantee the little one is still alive? Anyway, you're not alone with being crazy and all over the place. :wink: 
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