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Going by so fast...

Ok maybe you'll think I'm a bit crazy (maybe I am)...but I'm having these sad feelings that the pregnancy is going by too fast. This is our second child (and probably the last) and I'm feeling a little strangely bummed this chapter of life --pregnancy--is quickly coming to an end. I have terrible hip pain, can't breath well, pee every 5 minutes, regular insomnia, back aches, exhaustion and I'm still nauseous and vomit fairly regularly at almost 31 weeks. But yet I love being pregnant. I look at my first daughter and love her so much, I can't believe we are blessed to do it again and sad soon I won't feel this one inside me. i know lots of pregnant women understandably hate the third tri so much for what are bodies are going through and can't wait for their due date but I would be happy slowly getting there.

Is there anyone at all crazy like me and feeling this way?

Re: Going by so fast...

  • Nope. This is also my second and last pregnancy, I freaking hate being pregnant (not just the 3rd trimester but the whole thing) and can't wait for this crappy part to be over.
    I love my first and I will love this one too when I meet her, but if surrogacy was easy/ cheap, I would have done that in a heartbeat.
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    It's going quickly for me too in some ways. This is 3 and 4 for me personally (4&5 for us combined) and between school which finished up a couple of weeks ago, the holidays, and our other kids there just hasn't been a whole lot of time to let the pregnancy drag on. Now I'm home all day and it's starting to drag a little more. I still have a lot of appointments so that helps speed things up, but at this point they are telling me it could happen any day and I think that's making me really anxious.

    ETA: 23 days to my c-section!!

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  • Yes! This is my fourth pregnancy/baby and our last as well. I'm sad that this will be the last time I'm pregnant etc. I'm ready for my baby boy to arrive but I will miss being pregnant and I don't mind time going a bit slower.
  • I am a FTM and I hope to have (at least) another child after some time. But I am sad to think of the pregnancy ending. It will mean not having baby with me all the time and having to share baby. While these also sound like good things, I am not ready to share and have a hard time imagining that I will be ready to share in 6 weeks when baby gets here.

    I know I am weird but I love being pregnant.
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  • Nope. This is also my second and last pregnancy, I freaking hate being pregnant (not just the 3rd trimester but the whole thing) and can't wait for this crappy part to be over.
    I love my first and I will love this one too when I meet her, but if surrogacy was easy/ cheap, I would have done that in a heartbeat.

    ^^^ This! It's like you're inside my brain!

  • I'm feeling the opposite, lol... 3rd baby and it's been different then my previous two- I'm ready for the baby part :)
  • This is my 2nd pregnancy, and it couldn't end soon enough for me!  I was like you with my first though.  I had a smooth first pregnancy, and really enjoyed every second.   But I have been so sick and have had so many issues this time around that I don't think I've really enjoyed much of it at all.  The highlight so far has been seeing my husband's excitement over finding out that we are having a boy.  Other than that, I'm just done!  I want him out of my body and I want my body back to normal!

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  • I'm a FTM so I'm happy I'll be able to do this once more but I am a little sad for the pregnancy to be over, so I totally get it. I also probably have trouble grasping why people don't like it because my pregnancy hasn't been bad at all. Didn't get much morning sickness (just a couple times because of bad headaches) and the only thing annoying about the 3rd trimester is the acid reflux. Beyond that, I've felt pretty normal through the entire thing. But, it feels special and I like being doted on by friends and family lol. So, I'll miss that.
  • FTM and this pregnancy has made me
    Nervous to ever get pregnant again. I know pregnancy usually just drags on but I feel like the timing of this one and the events going on around me really helped to hurry it up.
  • This is going by quick for me too. I am going to try and enjoy the last few weeks before I begin my recovery it's going to be my 2nd c-section and from what I can remember it took a long time to recover.
  • I've heard the 2nd c-section is alot easier.  I'm about to have my 2nd also, and I've been asking around.  Everyone says the 2nd is easier because you know what to expect, its planned so there's no labor and all before hand and you can mentally prepare yourself for it.

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  • FTM here and I feel the exact opposite. Time is going sooo slow for me. I keep saying i feel like I've been pregnant for a year cause of how long it feels!
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  • FTM mom here and while I love seeing him on the u/s and feeling him roll around, the rest of it is for the birds and I can't wait to be done. I've had horrible morning sickness for the majority of my pregnancy (and the puking hasn't entirely gone away either), bleeding, and had to test for cholestasis earlier this week.

    I'm SO happy that he's growing and that everything with him is perfectly fine but I'm so over being pregnant
  • I do feel like this pregnancy is flying by. This is my second baby and I'll be full term in less than two weeks and have had to work (or rest) extra hard to keep little love in there until then. She's impatient. But I'm not sad about it lol. Mostly I just feel unprepared. I dont have anything ready yet and I feel like the end just crept up on me. I need her to stay in a little longer so I can get ready but on that same token, I really want her out lol.
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