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Going to miss pregnancy!

Due very soon and feeling very reflective of the last 9 months! Have been very fortunate to have a smooth and enjoyable pregnancy and I feel like I'm really going to miss it!
Don't get me wrong - I can't wait to meet our little one but I've so enjoyed these last few months it's strange to think of having no bump anymore or feeling the amazing movements!
I've loved how my relationship with my husband has grown and we've had so many lovely talks and nights out just enjoying our time together - it's been fab! He's taken such great care of us and I worry that everything is just going to change - anyone else feeling this way?!

Re: Going to miss pregnancy!

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  • I've had a smooth pregnancy too, but I'm pretty over it at this point. I'm excited to meet baby girl, and I'm SO bored of my maternity clothes. I miss having a sense of style beyond the same few tops and pants/skirt. Plus I want my body back! I feel so big, I'm ready to get back on track with being in shape. I feel very fortunate that these are my only worries.
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  • I think if all of pregnancy was like the second trimester id do it 20 times. I loved that time and felt so beautiful. But since it's not.. I'm definitely ready for it to be over and to have my daughter here and pee without having a contraction.
  • I feel you on this. Pregnancy seemed to be dragging on then I looked at my calander and realized I only had a few weeks left and just am partially not ready to not be pregnant anymore. That being said I'm over the not sleeping , the swelling, heart burn and all the other little annoyances !
  • Those feelings are what help you go for it again with subsequent babies! This is my second and I've had a few more ailments, but enjoy reflecting on the beauty of the pregnancy as well. I had unmedicated first birth and told myself I would never do again, yet here I am trying for unmedicated again with doula. There is a reason we remember the bliss over the difficult. Very nice, positive post!
  • Thanks everyone - nice to know I'm not crazy!
    I love those looks too JmadC - makes you feel so important!
    Think it started when he told me he was gonna miss me being pregnant too!
    But I know that what's to come will undoubtedly top the last few months!
    My mum told me to enjoy every minute as people out there aren't as fortunate to have what we have and I really have tried! Everyone keeps saying that your first pregnancy is so special so I guess that's why I'm feeling so reflective!
  • Sad to say I can't relate at all. I've had a miserable pregnancy and absolutely can't wait until the torture is over!
  • I feel the very same way.  It's bittersweet.  After the first trimester up until a couple weeks ago it was a wonderful pregnancy and I've loved it.  I am also excited to meet my lil guy and these past couple weeks have gotten a bit uncomfortable so it's really a weird conflicting feeling....
  • I totally agree! I'm not going to miss the uncomfortable sleeping and back pain but I am pretty sad I won't feel her movements anymore. And my husband has been incredibly sweet throughout so I can't wait to see how he reacts once our baby girl is here. It has definitely helped our marriage become even stronger then I could have imagined. I am ready to have my body back soon but I'm probably the only pregnant mama who is enjoying the last 3 weeks of pregnancy. I'm in no crazy rush to meet my angel, she will be here soon enough and I want her to grow and be as healthy as she can be!
  • I am not going to miss it at all, it's been torture and now I am huffing and puffing like a beached whale
  • I'm pretty over the discomforts of pregnancy, but I've been feeling similar the last week or two. It is a special time, and this is our first, so I'm feeling especially nostalgic about the last few nights of DH and I being "just us." Of course, we're ecstatic to meet our little girl next week, but we recognize that beginning a new chapter means ending an old one.
  • This!

    I'm pretty over the discomforts of pregnancy, but I've been feeling similar the last week or two. It is a special time, and this is our first, so I'm feeling especially nostalgic about the last few nights of DH and I being "just us." Of course, we're ecstatic to meet our little girl next week, but we recognize that beginning a new chapter means ending an old one.

    It's strange thinking that our times as two are going to decrease - we've been together over 15 years!
    I've been assured by friends that we'll fall in love all over again
  • I agree. I kinda miss pregnancy. Mine also went really well. But I'm happy to have finally met our little girl.
  • I am not going to miss the actually pregnancy, this is my second and it has been so uncomfortable the whole time. I am going to miss the days of just the three of us, and my little boy being my baby.
  • YES!
    I'm definitely ready for all of the pregnancy difficulties to go away, but I'm going to miss all the awesomeness of being pregnant. My little girl has relied solely on me to take care of her for 9+ months. Although I'll still be taking care of her, she won't "need" me in the same way :(
    And as I typed this, she's squirming and stretching, which I will desperately miss.
  • I've had a really easy pregnancy, excluding the sciatica and heartburn. I love being pregnant, but this being my second pregnancy (back to back) I'm over it. I want to be me again. I've been pregnant forever! This is likely my last pregnancy, and I will miss it in some ways, but it's so much fun to have the LOs here.
  • I missed being pregnant like crazy after my first. I was a lot sicker with this one, so I won't miss that, but know that I will still miss the better days. Trying to enjoy it as much as possible while it lasts!
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    I'm going to miss the squirms and kicks SO MUCH and I'm terrified of being a parent (esp. At 20 yrs old), but of course I can't wait to meet my baby girl! I have such mixed emotions. Anyone else feeling disbelief that the thing moving around in your stomach is actually a tiny human that you'll take care of for the rest of your life!? I'm having the hardest time wrapping my head around it. I feel like my tummy is so small compared to the avg size newborn... I just can't believe it!
  • Yes I think it's madness! Was holding my friends newborn on my bump the other day thinking " how the hell could I be fitting a little person your size in my tummy!"
  • OP your original post actually captured my feelings very well. I also can't wait to meet LO, but I really loved the experience of creating her and feeling her inside of me for the last nine months. I also agree with the boding time I've had with DH. But I am looking forward to seeing him be a dad, and given our relationship, I am hopeful that this will be a new and positive chapter in our marriage.
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  • Exactly - im hoping the same! A new chapter that will top the last few months by far!
  • I'm definitely not going to miss being pregnant, but I totally understand what you're talking about with your hubby! I feel closer to my husband than I ever have, but I don't think that will go away with pregnancy. I can see him maturing and I know he is so excited for her to come...I can't wait to see him as a daddy!!
  • I'm going to miss it. This is our last and I love being pregnant, even when it sucks. Hubby is getting snipped so when I start feeling baby pangs I can't convince him to do anything stupid.

    I'm 39+6 so my days of being adorably round and having another littler person bopping around in my big round belly are quickly coming to an end.
  • Aww that must be a strange feeling knowing for sure that this is the last time! I suppose I should think of it that way too because who knows what the future holds!! I think I'll just try to enjoy these last few moments and take it all in!!
  • I thought I would totally miss being pregnant, but now that our little guy is here, I don't even think about the being pregnant part.  I had an extremely easy pregnancy other than delivering him 6 weeks early, which even the early arrival wasn't all that bad. He only spent 9 days in NICU and we took him home Christmas Day.  If anything, I'm almost worried to get pregnant again, because I fear the next time around, I won't have such an easy pregnancy. 
  • I doubt very much I will miss pregnancy- but I guess I'll find out tomorrow!!!
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